Rustic Valentine & Pig Trough


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Rustic Valentine Main | Country Design Style |

Have you ever played in pig feed?

Not the slop pig feed, but the feed that looks like dirty chalk.

It’s similar to the big container of plastic balls in fast food places.

Except the smells are different…although I not sure which one really has the worse smells!!

Rustic Valentine & Pig Trough

Rustic Valentine sq | Country Design Style |

I had the best childhood.  Life was simple.  I spend as much time as my parents would let me at my grandparent’s farm.  Weekends, holidays and all summer!

Any anytime I played sick and got away with it. 😕

Their farm was 365 acres with a small four-room home.  Not identified as a one bedroom or two bedroom house, just four rooms.  And not one of those rooms was a bathroom!

I was about 6 when they added a bathroom on the back porch.  I was bummed.  No more nights going out with grandma and the latest catalog.  It was a two holer.

Rustic Valentine | Country Design Style |

The farm had herds of cows, chickens, pigs and a Queen.  My buddy on the farm was their collie, Queen.  Years after the farm and my grandparents were gone, I had the opportunity to read my grandma’s journals.  One sentence I still remember, “Dad and I went to the sale today, we bought a dog and named her Queen.”

That four room home always found room on Sunday’s for as much as 30 guests for dinner…and some stayed till supper.  {that’s the meal we ate in the evenings.}

There was so much to do on the farm.  Fishing on the pond. Playing dress up in grandma’s clothes. Running away from the bull that we just knew was chasing us…until we glanced over our shoulders.  Visiting the new calves or piglets in the barn.  Riding the tractor with Grandpa.  Balancing on the cattle guard.  Playing house with grandma’s old dishes.  Catching tadpole in the creek or building a dam.  Gigging frogs {yes, I did that 🙁 }  But I did eat the legs!!

One of the best things was getting in the silo that held the pig feed.  It’s was a blast.  When I came out my legs was covered with chalky feed dust.

Rustic Valentine for pinning | Country Design Style |

My grandpa & grandma holds my heart…still.

The hearts in my “pig trough” are a white handmade heart box from the thrift store, a pounding heart made for Mike, a chalkboard heart, a raffia heart my best friend gave me, and a heart dish on a love sign.

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