Farmhouse Style on a Budget

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What is your favorite home store?

Your go-to place for your style and budget.

Whatever your store, I bet we don’t have one within 75 miles.

So can you guess what my favorite home store is??

Farmhouse Style on a Budget

If you guessed Amazon…

you’re right!

I’m using Amazon for almost everything but groceries.  As an avid DIYer you know I like a bargain.  So today I’m sharing a collection of things I want.  Farmhouse style on a budget.   I rarely buy things that I can make.  But I did add two things that I have made.  See if you can guess which ones.

Also, let me know in comments your favorite home store.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you.  I only share products I like, used and have ordered, OR products I want.

Farmhouse style on a budget collection of things I want | Country Design Style |

I have a love for enamelware.  These Enamel Containers would look great in our pantry.  Although I would have other things inside. :/

Farmhouse style on a budget collection of things I want | Country Design Style |

I have a small collection of pitchers.  Some are used as a vase for flowers, others hold only water and others hold anything.  This Farmhouse Pitcher would hold anything!

Home Decor

Farmhouse style on a budget collection of things I want | Country Design Style |

I spent much of my youth with my grandparents.  This burlap pillow has my grandmother’s favorite saying.  Bushel and a Peck Pillow.  Another favorite saying was, “My name is not Grandma, it’s Fred!”  With 11 grandkids running around she must have been tired of hearing, “Grandma!”


A planked Clock says rustic farmhouse.  With our new living room, I left out a large clock that you could actually read!



I admit, we have three Beverage Dispensers and yes we could use one more.  During family gatherings, we have one with ice tea, one for water, and one for the kids.  One more for adult drinks would be perfect.  I love the mason jar style of this one.


Another bit of honesty.  I need another set of dishes like I need a hole in my head!!  I’m embarrassed to admit just how many sets of dishes we have.  But a set of four beautiful dishes like these Farmhouse Dishes from Pioneer Woman are not expensive.  And just look at the pattern!!

A quick count from my blogging chair and I came up with 11.  Yikes!  This would make an even dozen!





The industrial farmhouse look is slowly creeping into our cabin.  These Wire Wall Mounted Baskets would be perfect in our kitchen.  Knowing me, I would have it filled with spindles and broken pieces of wood!


A couple of years ago a group of local ladies came over to my little workshop.  We made 50 wood crates for centerpieces to use at a fundraising event for our Humane Society.  The event helped raise enough to finally get a new building built for the animals.  Every time I see a  Wood Crate I think of the fun we had making them and the good cause.  Everyone can use a wood crate.



I not really like the chandelier over our dining room table.  The glass shades are yellow and cast yellow light.  I found this  Farmhouse Wire cage lighting on Amazon.  It would be perfect over our table…plus I made this light for Mike and could use the singles for over our bar area.  Hum!!!!


The favorite for last!  How adorable is this Farmhouse Wood Chandelier!!!!  It small and for the price, I could get two!!  They would be perfect hanging over our nightstands.


Did I collect something you like?  Farmhouse style is getting popular everywhere.  It’s casual, cozy and simple.  And Amazon brings it right to your door.  I’ve ordered everything from a large rug for the living room to ink refills for my pens.



Here’s a pin to add farmhouse style on a budget to your favorite Pinterest board.

Tell me your favorite home decor store.

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  1. These are beautiful farm house style. I love the clock and the fruit holder. I need to add more farmhouse style in my home.

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