Deconstructed Dollar Store Wreath


Have you used or heard of water picks?  If not let me introduce you to them.  You will be glad you meet them.



While I’m at it I’m making a deconstructed dollar store wreath.

The destructive little kid in me is coming out!

and it’s about time! 🙂


This is a water pick.  They are usually green plastic tubes with a rubber stopper on the top.  The stopper has a small hole in the top.  Remove the stopper, add water, replace the stopper and insert a flower stem through the hole.  I can’t remember where I found out about floral water picks, but I’ve been using them for years and years.  I have a few in clear and some are rounded on the bottom like a test tube.  Some vintage water picks are glass.


The first water pick I bought was at a yard sale.

 I wanted several more for a Christmas mantel.  I planned on piling loads of pine clippings from the yard to the mantel.  So off I go to our local floral shop and asked for 10 dollars worth of picks.  I thought they would be about 25¢ each.  That would give me 40 additional picks!  The florist head to the back.  I waited and, waited and


Finally, she returned up front carrying a large box.  The picks were 5¢ each!  I now have 200 plus floral water picks!!


Now I’m looking to change them up a bit.  So I wrapped three in twine.  I did it messy.


Then I tied the wreaths together along with broken pieces to form a…snowman!  {I love winter… especially in the spring!}

A deconstructed dollar store wreath in 15 minutes. Have you ever bought floral water picks? They are inexpensive and a must have for all you DIY decor. Country Design Style

I tied in the water picks that are filled with waxflowers and hung with twine on shutters.


That’s my dollar store wreath now…

have you got 15 minutes and $10?

You too can have boxes of water picks!

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