Cloche Bases


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Cloche Bases Country Design Style-5

Cloche bases easy to make!

Do you have a collection of cloches without a base?

I have a few and I have some with pedestal type bases and I wanted a simple flat round base.

Cloche Bases Country Design Style

Looking through the workshop I found three wood circle “patterns.”  This made me laugh that I’ve still had these.  You see several years ago I made furniture and home decor things to sell.

Tiered display

I used these to make wooden tiered displays.  I could quickly cut out 30 circles.

Since I’m not going to make 10 tiered displays anytime soon, these will be perfect for cloche bases.

I used a metal file to rough up the edges for a little character.

Cloche Bases Country Design Style-2

First I slapped on walnut stain.  I do mean slapped it on…very messy!

Then wiped the stain off with paper towels.

Cloche Bases Country Design Style-4

I let the stain dry for a few minutes.  Then slap on an almost black paint and again wipe off with a paper towel.

The one on the right has only stain on it, the one on left is finished.  I like the rough edges!

Cloche Bases Stick

Someday I will want to make another circle somethingorother!  I have a simple way to make a circle.  First if you have a plate the size you want draw around it.  Otherwise, I use a stick, paint stir stick works great.  Make a small hole for a nail in one end.  Measure along the stick half the diameter of the circle you want.  An eight inch circle would be 4 inches.  Make a hole to fit a pencil.

Cloche Bases Drawing Circle

Hammer the nail in the center of your board and draw a circle.  Easy peezy!

Cloche Bases SQ

You can see this in our Thanksgiving Simple Abundance post.

Simple Abundance SQ

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