7 Easy Farmhouse Style Autumn Projects



To share with you and help spread the autumn season into all our living rooms I’m doing a roundup.

A roundup of 7 easy farmhouse style autumn projects.

All but one made this year.  The oddball only takes 5 minutes and is adorable.

Farmhouse Style Autumn Projects


This first project I made last year.  I picked it to reshare today because it took 5 minutes to make.  This sweater pumpkin still makes me smile.


This is for the squirrels. {when I’m finished with it}  Right now the peanut wreath is looking good hanging above the organ mantel.

How-to-bleach-pine-cones-feature non sandy | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com.jpg

Bleached pine cones are easy to do but hard to wait for the full results.  I made these for a Live FB demo on Hometalk’s page.  The “full” bleaching effect needed more than a week.

DIY patience is something I don’t have. 


When you want to go large…go huge!!!  I first planned to use pecans to make acorns.  Until I saw Easter eggs peeking from a twine nest in my display cabinet!!!


This pine cone wreath was super-duper easy to make.  No blood either. 🙂

Melted-crayon-art | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com

Another Hometalk Live demo was this melted crayon pumpkin.  This technique resulted in the bumpy texture I was looking for…happy dance!


The last project is super duper easy and my favorite because I made it with readers.  Each month I host a live online Design Workshop.  This month we are making cotton stems.  Click here if you want more info and learn how to register for the free workshops.


Here’re a couple of pins to pin for later.


Let me know in comments which project is your favorite.


With all these projects…our living room still looks like this!  Not a drop of autumn!

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