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Happy Halloween!!!

Autumn weather has arrived at our cabin.  The calendar said autumn arrived over 5 weeks ago.  The maple tree is finally wearing red.

Every other Saturday is Country Keeping time.  Keeping is doing a little housework.  Country Design Keeping is doing a little blog work.  Sharing happenings, reader projects, peeks behind the scenes, things you might have miss and things coming up.

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What was I thinking??

I’m passionate about DIY.  I’m enjoying sharing projects, tutorials and inspiring ideas with you.  I like experimenting to develop a new technique.  I’m getting comfortable {almost} with doing live demos.  I had the opportunity to do a live demo on Periscope.  Melissa at Blog Clarity hosted a 31-day Periscope challenge.  Each day of October we did a themed scope.  I shared a project I remembered {almost} as a child.

It didn’t work!! 🙁

LIVE!!  It didn’t work!!  Eek!

The GOOD news!!  I figured it out!

I bought 7 boxes of 24 count crayons to get 7 white crayons.  The steps I figured out are here.


Give a pumpkin a lift. Place on candleholders vase or urn, rusty gear, chunk or wood or the base of a vintage lamp. |

Did you see my favorite new spot to decorate?

metal star with piano keys |

This piece will be moved to our staircase landing…as soon as I finish taking pictures of it.  Getting pictures of the whole piece will be challenging when it’s in place.  The landing is small.  I’ll have to stand up the staircase or down the staircase.

Did you see the movie, “Up the Down Staircase?”

Coming Soon!

A challenging aspect of blogging is keeping an editorial calendar.  Just do a google search of blogging calendars and you’ll see hundreds.  It seems to be a challenge for all types of bloggers.  As a DIY blogger, I find it challenging because my calendar has to maintain a posting schedule, PLUS, and DIY project schedule, PLUS a photo editing schedule.  DIY projects can be quick or take days or even weeks.   I need a large calendar.  Above is a peek at my calendar.

It will have moving parts too!

country design style |

Thank you for reading and following along with me.

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