DIY Peanut Wreath…drive the birds and squirrels nuts!

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Why I love DIY.

Projects can be frugal and extravagant at the same time.

You learn to be perseverant through the ugly to find the beauty.

Anyone add their twist to the project.

They can cause rapping at the chamber door.

Usually, they don’t go up in flames! 😕

DIY Peanut Wreath

This DIY peanut wreath is the second one I’ve made.  The first wreath is shown below.  The steps are in general the same.


DIY Peanut Wreath Supplies

14-inch Styrofoam wreath form
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
A piece of 5-inch wide burlap ribbon
2-1lb bags of peanuts in the shell
Piece of twine
Old book pages or newspaper pages
Free leaf shapes download {link below}


I can be frugal.  What else can this be?  Can I use it for another DIY project?  Can I only use so much of this?

Being frugal, I knew I would have to get past the ugly to find the beauty in this project!


I could have wrapped the burlap ribbon around like I did yesterday in this live FB video.  But why waste?  The ugly is going to get covered in peanuts.  As well, I could have sprayed the wreath, but it’s raining.  Another key point, I could have skipped it and hot glued the peanuts right on the styrofoam.  Just use my glue gun with a cooler setting.  I did remember from the first DIY peanut wreath, you can see the form if you look close.

Plus peanuts and burlap seem to go together…in my mind! 😕

DIY Peanut Wreath | Country Design Style |

This is when you know it’s okay to be extravagant.  One lb. bag of peanuts almost covered my wreath.  But I used an extra bag!



I separated the single peanuts to use at the end to fill any holes.

DIY Peanut Wreath Done!


Peanuts grow underground.  Some had threads of roots still attached.  They remind me of …twine!

So I had to wrap twine around the wreath.  My twist to the project.




Also, I cut out my four leaf shapes and hot glued them into the wreath.  Then added a couple single peanuts.


I used raw shelled peanuts.  With our rain, I thought it would fun to roast them. And “maybe” feed some to those obstinate squirrels.

Okay, the squirrels are fun!!!

You can use peanut butter as “glue” and hang this outside just for the squirrels.


This is the first one I made during the mid-1990’s.  It hung inside for a while.  Then I moved it to the front door of my apartment.

After about a week, I kept hearing rapping at the door.  I would answer…nothing!  After days of this, I looked through the keyhole to see black wings.  Crows were eating my creation!  Wonder if they would sit on my pipe clamp???

As I look at this old picture, I think, “glad this project didn’t catch on fire!”  Those candles are close!  I made a lovely centerpiece for our Thanksgiving table one year.  I added candles..and then lit the candles.  It was wonderful during the meal.  As I served dessert…the centerpiece exploded in a ball of flames.


What would be your twist to a DIY peanut wreath?

Oh, here’s the download for the autumn leaves shapes.  You can use these for other materials.  Fabric, burlap, scrapbook papers, or brown paper sacks.

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  1. Candy Walsh says:

    Very cute!! And frugal is a great thing, lol! They look awesome!

    1. Thank you Candy! I’m glad I wasn’t too frugal with the peanuts. I’m sharing with the squirrels. 🙂

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