Autumn Leaf Art using melted crayons

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Autumn Leaf Art 2autumn-leaf-sign | fp

I don’t give up easily.  I’ve been called “hardheaded.”

Not in a bad way.  It’s that something in my head.  A problem, a DIY project or an idea that I have to work it out…


And once again I did a DIY Live demo that didn’t go as planned. 🙁

But I made it work!

Autumn Leaf Art 2

autumn-leaf-sign | sq

Yep, I tried again live to make a melted crayon art piece.  Why don’t I learn??

It was after the video that I got the idea to add a black outline to the leaf.  Also after Mike thought it was a tulip!!!

Autumn Leaf Art made with melting crayons on aged wood | Melting crayons art work |

The good news is the melting crayon did stick to the board.  I used a new piece of scrap wood that was aged with tea and ironed vinegar.  Then dry brushed over the top with grayish chalk based paint.

autumn-leaf-sign | fpol

You might notice one category for this post is “Musing and Mishaps!”

Is this musing or a mishap??

Here’s another Autumn Leaf that worked just as planned.

Oh, here’s a link to the white crayon art Christmas tree in the video.  It is pretty!

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    leaves seem to be a thing this year yours is so cute, i go for surgery tomorrow to have adenoma(s) removed from my parathyroids see you later xx

    1. Thank you Chris. Please take care and let me know how you’re doing. You’re in my thoughts. 🙂

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