How to make DIY Acorns

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Okay, I just had a laughing fit.  Yep, at home all alone and laughing to tears.  The windows are open and I’m wondering if the neighbors can hear.


Chuckles, cackles, giggles, snickers, yuks, and tee-hees!

I had an idea for a photo opp on my acorn project and it made me laugh out loud!  No acronyms….

laugh out loud laughing!

DIY Acorns

This project is a reason to laugh.  How to make DIY acorns from eggs.

On an Easter in the distant past, I painted, aged and stained wooden eggs.  Yes, I decorate with them even when it’s not Easter.  They are perfect in my twine nests!  Right??

Our acorns are about 1/2 inch.  Not large enough to decorate with and barely enough to feed a squirrel.


Here’re the supplies I used for three acorns.

Craft glue
Small paintbrush
Three stained and/or aged wood eggs



First, start wrapping twine around the pointed end.  I wanted the acorn to have a rounded bottom…like me. 😕

Add a dollop of glue on the pointed end and paint glue on half the egg.


I wrapped down the egg until I was about 5/8 down the egg.  I’ll wait until you measure.  Just kidding.  Wrap until you like the look.

Paint more glue over the twine.  Then start wrapping back up the egg.

Paint more glue, then wrap back down the egg.  More glue then wrap back up the egg.


I wanted the top to be like a knit cap.  Thick and cozy.

When I liked the look, I stopped wrapping.

DIY Acorns | Country Design Style |

Acorns have a crisscross effect on their tops.


I thought it would be a great idea to mimic the crisscross.  That large spider thing was a mistake.

Sometimes DIY is best simple!!!


Now it was picture time.  I saw the rusty old pipe clamp I bought at a yard sale.


I pictured Wile E. Coyote with his hands on the bomb plunger getting ready to blow up the road runner.


Wouldn’t it be cute to clamp my DIY acorn in the pipe clamp??

Then get a picture of a squirrel getting ready to crack his acorn with the pile clamp!!  See where this is going…

Yep, I set this up on the back porch and waited.  I waited and waited.  Now mind you, our squirrels are “almost” tame.  They approach us to take a peanut to about 3-inches.  Why, not!  You saw the size of our acorns!  They’re starving.

I snapped 50 pictures of blurry gray smears of squirrels running, jumping and playing.  But not a one anywhere near the pipe clamp with a tasty peanut on top. ;(


But I laughed.  At the squirrels, at the idea, I would even think I could get a photo opp like that!!!


At least the squirrels are full and my DIY acorns are just right!

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  1. I’m with you, those tiny acorns are hard to decorate with. But now your acorns are incredible. Who would have thunk to use a wooden egg, waved your magic wand and turn it into an acorn. Great job!

  2. Sounds like your squirrels are not only tame but you can’t pull the wool…twine..over their eyes. I laughed at the visual of you at the ready with your camera waiting…and waiting…and waiting. You’re too funny Jeanette and you make some adorable acorns!

    1. Awww, thank you, Marie! Our squirrels are on attack mode after my photography attempts. Mike was walking under a tree in the back and a young squirrel jumped on the back of his neck! It was okay. I think it fell from the tree and landed on him. But it scared them both!!! The squirrel is okay. Mike broke his fall. Mike though is still freaked out. Wish I had my camera at the ready then!!!!

      1. Oh my gosh, if that happened to me you’d hear my screens the next town over! A couple of weeks ago I turned around just as a squirrel was right behind me on the fence. I swear had I not turned around, it was planning a leap too.

  3. Lol, darn squirrels anyway! Don’t they know you have a blog and need their assistance. Love your humor and love those acorns. Have a great day!

  4. Denise Barkel says:

    Just got to Love It thanks for sharing in between the tears. Looking forward to next week!

    1. Denise, Thank you. If you have a chance to see my next project, you will see I’m trying to get the squirrels to warm up to me. I made a peanut wreath. Any peanuts with broken shells ended up in a dish outside for them. 🙂

  5. I am fairly new. Today i learned something about you, you will do almost anything to give your readers some great entertainment. Even if that means waiting all day for a squirrel to show up with camera in hand You “crack” me up. You get an A for effort. Thanks for the good laugh. I needed it

    1. Oh, Monica! Welcome!!! I so glad you stopped by for a visit. I was amused yesterday playing around with those squirrels. They did end up with plenty to eat. But they are camera shy!! I hope you visit again soon. <3

  6. LOL!!!! Your so funny…I just love you and your site!!!! I finally got my website back up and running. Thank you so much for the encouragement….God Bless. linda

    1. Congrats, Linda on getting your website up and running. What is the name? I would love to pop over and see your projects, share your ideas and hopefully spread the word for you. Hugs!

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