How to turn Chunky Wood Spindles into DIY Tassels

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DIY Tassels made from finals and twine for rustic farmhouse style FP | Country Design Style |

When is a tassel more than a tassel?

When it has a big hunk of a spindle attached to the top.

These are rustic, farmhouse, and a bit junky, but they could be made elegant with paint, fancy yarn, and bling!

They do make some noise hanging on cabinet doors…and they would knock out a graduate!  🙂

DIY Tassels in a Farmhouse Style

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DIY Tassels banging and working | Country Design Style |

The one on the far right was made many years ago and hangs all the time on my repurposed desk.

The other two will find another home.

Too much banging and clanking opening and closing the drawers and doors!!!

DIY Tassels IG3 | Country Design Style |

I made these on Periscope and clicked to have the periscope save to my phone…which it didn’t! 🙁

Tassel tutorial

DIY Tassel Step by Step | Country Design Style |

So, I took a collection of pictures to share how to make one.

  1. Wrap twine, yarn or thin ribbon around a small paperback book.  The size of the book will be the length or the tassel. {a piece of cardboard will work too} Tie a piece of twine in the middle.
  2. Flip the book over and cut the twine in the middle of the book.
  3. Fold the twine in half and wrap another piece of twine around the top and tie.
  4. Cut another piece of twine and make a loop knotting the ends.


DIY Tassels made from finals and twine for rustic farmhouse style PN5 | Country Design Style |

5.  Hot glue the tassel on the bottom of your piece and the loop on the top.  Done!

Awww!  The joys of blogging!  I had to make this new decorative tassel when I realize the video didn’t save.  The others already had their photo opp…so.  This one found a home on my calendar chalkboard.

DIY Tassels made from finals and twine for rustic farmhouse style PN3 | Country Design Style |

Adding a hole to your spindle

There are several ways to make a tassel when using a piece of wood.  A hole can be drilled all the way through if the drill bit is long enough.  Use clamps, vise grip or a table vise clamp to hold the spindle while drilling.

Forstner Bit Country Design Style |

Or an inset can be drilled using a forstner bit.  {pictured above}

DIY Tassles made from finals and twine for rustic farmhouse style PN3 | Country Design Style |

These furniture tassels would have a completely different look if they were painting and had yarns or ribbons for the tassel part.

DIY Tassles SQ Closeup | Country Design Style |

For my rustic style, a metal flower was hot glued to hide the ends of the burlap ribbon.  Note for using twine.  If the twine doesn’t hang well because it was rolled in a ball or pulled out of the bundle, dip the twine tassel in a cup of water.  Then let drip dry.  Works for burlap too!

DIY Tassels made from finals and twine for rustic farmhouse style PN4 | Country Design Style |

Now to find a quieter place to hang my DIY tassels.  What would you make into a tassel?

In the long lost video, we talked about other items to use as tassels.  Ceramic figurines make fun tassels.  I would have love to turn my Cinderella figurine into a tassel with blue ribbon to match her dress.  Small clay pots make GREAT tassels because it has a hole and the tassel head sticks into the pot.  I’m going to go make one for the front porch!

What would you make into a tassel?

You can see more furniture DIY tassels from our readers here.

DIY Tassels and other spindle ideas.

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  1. I have lost track of all the cool things you have made with spindles! Love these, and thinking of making them with a little sea shell instead of the flower! Maybe use them as tie backs for curtains, and the pull chain on my ceiling fans! Think of the clunking noise as a wooden wind chime in the breeze ?
    Thank you Jeanette!

    1. Andi, it was great to be live with you on Periscope!! A seashell would be beautiful! I’ve never thought about a spindle wind chime!!! I’m making one!!! Have a great long weekend.

    1. Cheryl, that’s awesome! I would love to see some of yours too! Wine corks…what a great idea. I have a couple of champagne corks too and the bell shape would be fun. Thanks for reading along.

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