Readers Projects

Sharing helps others too!


This is one of my favorite posts.


I get to turn over the website to my readers.

Yep, today I’m sharing our reader’s projects.  There’s a big collection of them so let’s get this started.

Readers Projects

Today I sharing a large collection of projects.  The Google form stopped notifying me of additions to the form.  Our readers have been busy.  😀

Yard Sale Storage

This piece would be perfect in any room.  I adore hand-painted furniture.


Julie saw a diamond in the rough.


Julie stated, “I found this sad armoire at a yard sale, paid $15 and 5 years later painted it.” “ps…I had fun, can you tell?”

Yes, we can tell!  Stunning.

Tin Buckets

A fresh coat of paint works wonders.


These tin buckets were ready to go with the spring cleaning but Andrea decided to take a break from cleaning and make them pretty again.


Andrea said, “I used Behr premium plus ultra which is a primer and paint in one and they are holding up very well.”


Before we add to our landfills, think about a fresh coat of paint!

Sea Shell Patio Table



Linda says, “I needed a table to go in between my lounge chairs outside by the pool.”  “I love upcycling and repurposing.”


“This is a beautiful table when finished!”


I like the idea of this project because I can fit any style or season.  Just imagine adding pine cones and fall leaves or Christmas ornaments.  Great job.

Repurposed Pumpkins

Doralee has a great idea for pumpkins.  I’m going to check our thrift stores for pumpkins this weekend!


Doralee states, “I picked up some old lighted and non-lighted pumpkins and sprayed them gold to hide the orange color and wrapped each pumpkin with leftover strips of burlap using spray adhesive. The result was much better than I expected so I went on a hunt for more used pumpkins and even jack- o- lanterns of all sizes and colors.”

I’m into burlap and lace for this fall!

Mantel Clock Candle Holders

I’m blown away by this project.


Lois casually states, “I found six mantle clocks missing their clockworks and made them into a wall mounted electric candle holders.”


This idea would work with any type of clock.


Next time you see an empty clock you’ll be grabbing it up!


I have a fascination with tassels.  They have no purpose other than hanging and being pretty.  That’s the joy of them.


Cheryl’s tassels are just that…joyful!  Tassels made with figurines and wine corks.  I have a few wine corks that need dressing up.  Cheryl is a reader and a blogger at Down Sprigg Lane.

If you’ve created a project or DIY technique you would like to share here on Country Design Style just click here to fill out the form.  Plus I can check if the form notifications are working correctly! 😕

You can see my DIY tassels here.

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  1. linda kelley says:

    Thank you so much…you are much too kind! I love your website…you always have such wonderful creations to share. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. linda kelley says:

    Thank you for sharing my SeaShell Table. All the projects were so creative.

    1. Linda, I picked your first project to share here with the others. I will be writing a post and share all your stunning projects very soon. 🙂 You do need to start another website! Love your creativity.

  3. So much creativity! I love the mantle clocks used as wall sconces! What a great idea. Guess I won’t be passing mantle clocks up when I go to the thrift stores anymore! Thank you for sharing your reader’s DIY projects. They are all amazing!

    1. Sandy, thank you for reading along with me and the readers. I love doing these posts. It’s amazing what creativity there is everywhere.

  4. Everything is lovely, thanks for sharing. I absolutely love the red cabinet full of quilts where the clock-candles are, I wasn’t sure about painting some furniture in red and this is exactly the inspiration i needed. All the projects here are very creative and inspiring . ????

  5. Wow. All these ideas are GREAT! Isn’t it wonderful how re-purposing and upcycling “junk” can make some of the most outstanding collectible things. I’m way impressed with all this creativity!!

  6. Jeanette, thank you so much for showing my tassels! Love your website and love the old clock candle holders, what a great idea she had! I hope you make more and show them off. Have a great week!

    1. Cheryl, This is what I love most about DIY. The sharing of ideas. Building ideas for others. With Christmas around the corner, I going to look for small cottages to make into a tassel. I’m also going to edit the post to include a link to your website.

  7. Thanks for sharing my mantle clocks. I smile at them every day! They really were easy to put up! Battery operated votives are a wonder!

    1. Lois, you blew me away with those clock candles! How did you ever think of that? I’m going on a quest to find clocks now! Battery candles are all we do now. Thank you so much for contributing to Country Design Style. Hugs.

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