Broken Pieces Mend Stronger

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Broken Pieces Mend Stronger.  This is a saying I picked up since I found myself knee deep in broken, reclaimed and recycled furniture pieces. My life’s been for way over 20 years!

Broken Pieces Mend Stronger FP | Country Design Style |

A new skill I’m teaching myself is drawing on the computer.  I think it’s called CAD {computer aided drawing} so far I call what I do scribbles.

When I do design something…not too bad…I like to share with readers.

Broken Pieces Mend Stronger VT | Country Design Style |

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Broken Pieces Mend Stronger IG1 | Country Design Style |

This saying developed for me because of my favorite wood glue, Elmer’s wood glue max!  When wood glue is applied properly the broken wood is stronger than the other grain areas of the board.

The secret to using wood glue properly:

  1.  Apply to a smooth surface if possible.  I add if possible because I have glued an uneven area with great results as long as the other steps are done. 🙂
  2. Apply the glue in an even layer.
  3. Clamp the pieces secure with even pressure.  Don’t clamp so tight all the glue comes out from the pieces.

If you’ve ever washed a couple of glass piece from frames and laid one on top of the other while wet…then try to lift one from the other.  Not easy!  Wood glue works in the same way.

Broken Pieces Mend Stronger PN | Country Design Style |

Here’s a close-up of the printable.  Broken pieces mend stronger is in an 8 by 10 frame.

Broken Pieces Mend Stronger 2 | Country Design Style |

This saying can be interpreted in many different ways by many different people.  A broken heart mends stronger.  Broken spirits mend stronger.

Broken Pieces Mend Stronger | Country Design Style |

I drew the broken jar but I did use flowers download from Creative Market.  Creative Market is a great source for graphics, fonts, and images.  Love them!

A broken mason jar may not mend back to a jar that can hold water, but can mend stronger if the pieces are used in a mosaic!

Click here to get your download. 

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What’s knee-deep around your house?

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