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What is baking soda used for? How about a piece of chalk that’s been smashed with a hammer? Or what do you do with your container of talc powder that may cause cancer?

Well, don’t put the powder on you but put it in your paint.

Here are the softly tinted homemade chalk based paints I made using six different chalk powders for paint applied on home decor items…and stuff.

Chalk Powders for Paint

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Chalk powders for paint pin 1 | Country Design Style |

I use the same recipe for all six powders.  You can read more about the recipe and tinting here at chalk based paint but if you don’t want to click…I included the recipe below.

The recipe

Add 2 tablespoons of lukewarm water to mixing bowl.  Add 2 tablespoons of powder.  Mix well.  Very well.  Add to one pint or 2 cups of paint.  Mix very well.

Chalk powders for paint sq | Country Design Style |

DIY blogging is hectic.  There’s sawdust to clean up before painting one project.  There’s paint drying out in the hot Arizona sun, hoping it doesn’t crackle unless I want a chippy paint look.  All while trying to figure out why my computer froze…it’s nowhere near the freezer!

In other words, I let my 6 cups of paint sit for a week before using them.  Homemade paint will separate…but no problem…just stir and you’re good to paint.

Chalk powders for paint pin 3 | Country Design Style |

List of powders and colors on the projects

Small chest of drawers – blue – calcium carbonate
Large Frame – light, light brown – stick of chalk
Spindle – creamy white – unsanded grout
Mirror – light gray – plaster of paris
Mason jar – light pink – talcum powder
Crate – green – baking soda

Chalk powders for paint pin 4 | Country Design Style |

One of my favorite things in the vignette is the bouquet of paint brushes.  I saw a photo somewhere on Pinterest or in a magazine several years ago of used paint brushes.  I always wanted to recreate it.  All I did was clean a paint brushes using the newspaper system.  You know, wipe the brush across the newspaper to remove most of the paint.  Then instead of cleaning, I added them to my jar.  Here are better ideas for cleaning brushes if you want to use them for painting at paint brush tips.

Chalk powders for paint pin 2 | Country Design Style |

After painting each piece I still like the calcium carbonate mixture the best.  It’s smoother.  I would, however, paint any thrift store item in any of the mixes.  Although, if I was painting my dining room table, I would go with the calcium carbonate or a store bought chalk based paint…or…latex.

Chalk powders for paint leftovers | Country Design Style |

What did I do with all the leftover paint mixtures?  I combined all of them into one container.  Yep, all the colors and all the powders into one.

By the way, the ice cream that was in that container is heavenly! <3

It’s only paint!

Chalk powders for paint box | Country Design Style |

Then I used that mixed up paint to update an old cigar box.  Above I’m applying homemade wax.

Chalk powders for paint cigar box | Country Design Style |

This is the only piece I waxed.  I wanted a soft matte look to the other items.

Chalk powders for paint empty frame dilemma | Country Design Style |

You found an incredible empty frame at the thrift store for $2.  But what do you put inside the frame?  Because I work hard to give more than expected, above is one idea to fill an empty frame, that’s too large for a CDS printable. 😀

Ideas to fill an empty frame

  • Grab some scrap pieces of scrapbook paper and arrange to cover the cardboard back.  I used a piece of washi tape to hold the papers.
  • Cover the cardboard back with gift wrap and add a smaller photo in the center.
  • Wrap the cardboard with fabric.
  • Cover the cardboard with burlap and add stripes with ribbons.


I’m gonna go make cookies and hope I don’t mix up the baking soda for talc!

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  1. Can you use acrylic paint for tinting?
    And one more question I have about chalk painting is can you paint over laminated wood without having to prime the surface?

  2. I hope you didn’t mix powders ar kitchen 😂😉
    Does this different powders holds equally ?
    I mean , are some more easy to scratch than others? many times I use chalk paint to avoid sanding because it holds better I would imagine that plaster of paris or grout will make a stronger chalk paint than talcum or baking soda… and as always TY for sharing ❤️

    1. Lol, Andrea, I did mix the paint in the kitchen! It’s been too hot or too wet to do too much outside. I have to admit, I was surprised at how well all the powders did. The one I had the most concern with was the frame painted with the ground up piece of chalk. For two reason, first I didn’t ground up the chalk as well as I should have. Second, the frame was shiny and very dark. I lightly sanded the frame first for about 1 1/2 minutes by hand. The frame did need 3 coats but otherwise, it did well. I still would not paint our dining room table with some of the powders, but for thrift shops find and wood items…I would.

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