DIY Lazy Susan that’s Interchangeable

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How quick can you pick up one tray and replace it with another?  That’s how fast you can change the look of this DIY Lazy Susan.

One moment it’s warm bamboo…

butter and jam dish on bamboo Lazy Susan

the next its galvanized farmhouse.

Have you seen the cake pans and marbles Lazy Susan? It’s a basic idea and makes a great Lazy Susan for the fridge.

But I wanted something pretty…and interchangeable!!

Something with grip.

DIY Lazy Susan with different trays

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Lazy Susan with different trays | Country Design Style |

This turntable base is the same as the bamboo above.

Supplies for lazy susan | Country Design Style |

Here’s the list of supplies I ordered from Amazon.

2 Cake Pans
Bamboo Tray
Rug Gripper
Bag of marbles
E6000 {only if you want to make your Lazy Susan top permanent}

The super duper steps

Lazy Susan and marbles | Country Design Style |

Add a layer of marble to the first cake pan and set aside.

By the way, if you need to make a “real Lazy Susan, click here to read my cheater’s way to add the metal turntable.

Lazy Susan and a rug gripper | Country Design Style |

Place the second cake pan upside down on a piece of rug gripper.  Mark a line around the pan about 1/2 inch larger.  Cut out the circle from the rug gripper.

DIY Lazy susan sq | Country Design Style |

Top the first pan with the second pan and lay the rug gripper circle on top.

This technique also works for tiered displays.  

Above is the turntable with the bamboo tray…

and in seconds it is a galvanized farmhouse turntable.

Lazy Susan permanent | Country Design Style |

In case you have a perfect tray and don’t want to make it interchangeable…use the E-6000 glue.  Measure around four sides to center one cake pan to the bottom of the tray.  The glue needs to sit for 24 hours for a permanent seal.

DIY Lazy Susan anyone can make pin | Country Design Style |


I’m keeping my Lazy Susan interchangeable.

This is the largest Lazy Susan I’ve made so far.  I can’t believe all the craft supplies it holds!


If I could only pick up my socks as fast!

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