Tin can upcycled – 30 minute craft


tin The tin can upcycled for use all around the house is all over Pinterest.  You tried to wrap a tin can and it looks awful!  I found a quick solution. 

The tin can with white clothesline glued around it gaps show between the cording.

After spending 30 minutes hot gluing clothesline cord around a tin can I ended up with the cord falling into the grooves of the can. 

Have you tried to remove hot glue?  I almost toss the can and all its globs of glue into the trash.

But then I had a thought!

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I grabbed some smaller twine and wrapped into those pesky grooves in about 30 seconds!  

I really like the added layer and look.  Not as boring as plain o’ clothesline!

If you’ve never wrapped tin cans before…

Here are the supplies

tin can with label removed, clothesline cord and scissors.

One tin can with the label removed and cleaned.  

Clothesline cord or whatever you wish to use to wrap around the can.

Hot glue gun and glue sticks.


For the extra cool idea 😎smaller twine or yard.

Here are the steps for wrapping the can

Pick a spot to be the back of the can.  Add a dollop of hot glue and place the cording so it wraps along the top edge of the can.

Continue wrapping and gluing down the can.  Add the hot glue in about 1/2 inch lines then lay the cord into the glue as close to the cord above as possible.  

Things to watch for. 

  • Those grooves in the can will cause the cording to separate leaving gaps.  (We’ll fix that later)
  • The cord may twist as you unwind from the spool.
  • Burnt fingers.  Read the hot glue gun tips to prevent those and other mishaps. 

Hand holding cording in place

When you reach the bottom of the can add another dollop of glue at the “back” of the can.  Don’t worry about how the back of the can looks.  It’s you and your wall’s secret. 🤫

The tin can upcycled into something pretty in the front, doesn’t mind the look of the backside either. 

Fixing the gaps in 30 seconds

Upcycled tin can with faux greens

It took 30 seconds to wrap bakers twine into the gaps between the cording.  I didn’t even glue the top or bottom.

The tin can upcycled

Same tin can different look.  Since I didn’t glue the bakers’ twine, I removed it to add off plain cotton twine.  I didn’t glue it either. 

Scroll down to comments and let me know which one you like better. 

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  1. I love the black and white! Much more interesting and gives it kind of a boho vibe.

  2. I like the white best! The lines in the bakers twine made my eyes do funny things.

    1. Ann, it’s funny you say that. The lines didn’t bother me until I started editing the photos. It made me dizzy! Lol! But it’s not bad in real life. I like it.

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