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Spindles, I’m obsessed with them.spindle-country-design-style-fp

You get an idea.  A really different and strange idea.  One that won’t so away until you try it.

This idea came to me in the middle of a sleepless night.

I love using junk to repurpose into household useful items and decor.

This time, a different use was in mind.

My dear friend is always on the lookout for spindles for me.  A couple of weeks ago we spent the afternoon taking apart vintage chairs that were water damaged.  Here’s a couple of home projects done with them so far.

Home Decor

spindle-ladder-country-design-style-sqSpindle Ladder

spindle-feet-country-design-style-pinDIY Fall Decor

rustic-arrow-sweater-pillow-country-design-style-sqSweater pillow with spindle arrow

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This is the next project.

Not for the home!

Wear it!


I cut up a spindle into pieces.  Unlike the “feet” above for the tray, I was cutting up the whole thing instead of four pieces from an end.  So, to keep my fingers intact, I used the hand miter saw and a plastic miter box.  Then I lined the pieces up in order and sanded the cut ends.


Next, I set up a vice grip with a clamp to make a holder for the small pieces.  Then drilled a 1/8 inch hole through each piece.


Sorry for the fuzzy photo {I still snap bad pictures, but I’m learning!}  This photo was to remember the order of the pieces.  Little beads between help the pieces lay well.

Are you getting the idea of where this project is going??



A quick painting of the pieces using a “chalk-based” type of white paint was next.  Then “distressed” the paint using a wet paper towel.  I added a bit of soft green and lightly distressed.  To seal the finish, a clear wax brushed on and buffed does the trick.  This gives soft porcelain feel to the pieces.  The pieces have a soft beachy summer look.

Live tutorials

If you wish to learn more about using chalk-based paint, I’m hosting a LIVE video tutorial create and chat on March 17 at 10 am {MST} for all subscribers to Country Design Style.  Click here to follow.

Do you love the unexpected? This spindle turned into something quite unexpected!!! PLUS more ideas for old spindles.

The pieces were threaded onto jewelry wire and I added a silver chain and clasp.

Finished Necklaces

DIY necklace made from an old spindle with Pizzazz! EXTEMEMLY CREATIVE...or just different!

Voila!  A wood bead necklace.

I’m not a fashionista type of gal, but I like pretty and work boots.  This seems to fit both! 🙂


I gave the necklace to my friend as a thank you for all the spindles and friendship.  I’m planning to make more necklaces.


To keep my fingers, I made a jig to hold spindles.  A Drimel saw easily cuts the pieces.  Fast and safe.

Designing an architectural line of jewelry might be my next adventure.

Would you wear a spindle around your neck?  I would love your comments on this project below.  This is a bit outta the norm for me.  Thoughts??

10 Things to do with a Broken Spindle

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  1. Andi, Yep, vice grips! A DIYer girls’ best tool! Thanks for watching out for me. Vice grips as steering wheels…I don’t think I’ve seen that one. 🙂 Jeanette

  2. Andi Cacciatore says:

    I commented on your other spindle bead post, so you know I’m in love with your newest creation – but I just think these weathered beachy looking beads are gorgeous! I was wondering how you held onto the beads while you drilled them – necessity is the mother of a DIYer’s invention! (Vice grips also make a good steering wheel replacement for a tractor mower) Please keep those creative fingers intact!

  3. It’s adorable. Wood jewelry is very chic and high priced in many boutiques. I would wear it in a heartbeat. I am a very tal BBB ( big, beautiful woman) and love the look. I look funny with dainty so the clunkier the better! I want one

    1. Thank you Teresa for visiting the website! I’m not as tall as I wish I was, but I like clunky necklaces too! Thanks for the compliment. Jeanette

  4. I love it. And I am thrilled with it. The pictures actually don’t do it justice it is very pretty and so smooth. I am going to Cali in April and it will be a must with my outfits for the beach…. Thank You Jeanette.

  5. It is from the legs of a chair. The spindle that joins the legs together.
    I don’t think I would wear a spindle necklace. But I would use it as a garland. Or as tie backs for my curtains.
    Barbara Ann
    etsy.com /shop/barbaraannscreations

    1. Great idea Barbara!!! I love the tie back idea! I actually love big clunky necklaces and this one is actually smaller than many of my beaded ones. But It’s not for everyone! 🙂

      Love your etsy shop!


    1. Chris, I did think I lost my mind when I thought about making a necklace from one of the spindles! ~Jeanette

      1. chris aka monkey says:

        no your mind is intact and i do think it is adorable and i would wear one xx

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