How to Install a Lazy Susan the cheater’s way!


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Installing a lazy susan the cheater’s way!

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Lazy Susan’s are popular right now!  Is it the organization a Lazy Susan adds to small areas.  They are great for storage.  Or is it we like action and moving things?  Or are we all just as lazy as Susan?

Don’t reach for the ketchup, just spin.

Installing a Lazy Susan

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If a splendiferous and easy peasy lazy Susan is what you need, check out the lazy susan DIY made with marbles.

But if the project is larger and marbles are too small, I have help.

You have two boards a handful of screws and a Lazy Susan turntable.  How to do screw the turntable between the boards??

Installing-a-lazy-susan sq | Country Design Style |

I bought the lazy susan hardware and the instructions left me scratching my head.

Do what???

So, I when back to the only way I know how to install a Lazy Susan.

My old video getting the Lazy Susan between those boards.

I made this video when the website was called “Homa Style.”  Disregard the Homa! Readers ofter ask often for instructions to installing s Lazy Susan. Today I’m sharing the technique with you.

It’s not clear on the video…” just bare with me”…now I’ve said it three charming times…drill one large hole in the base of your lazy susan.  Just spin it around to find the other marks to place your other three screws.

Revolving Bookcase


This is the project I from the video pieces.  A revolving bookcase for all my craft supplies.

Who was “Susan,” so lazy she needed to spin things around to reach them??

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