The Baby Crib Endeavor!

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The Baby Crib Endeavor…

or how much can you do with a baby crib??

I don’t know, but I plan on finding out.  The goal is to use every piece right down to the screws.  I have ideas for most of the pieces, but I may need your help on some.

The crib was bought at the Humane Society’s Resale Store.  The is the best store in our area.  First, all proceeds go to support the animals in the care of our Humane Society.  Second, the Resale Store is organized and clean.  Third, the volunteers are so helpful and giving of their time.  Fourth, I have to stop because if I keep going…I’ll start weeping.  I’m proud to be able to help such a great organization.

The baby crib

baby-crib-parts-country-design-style (1)

Now back to the baby crib.  Do you see those spindles!!!!  You know I’ll have fun with those!  Click to see my spindle projects.

The first project was a chalkboard easel.

Easy to make a chalkboard easel from baby crib headboard and footboard. Country Design Style

This was done by adding to hinges along the top.  Then painting with chalkboard paint in the panels.  I did have to remove two top finals from the one in the back, otherwise, the hinges wouldn’t reach.  The photo was taken during our fundraising event May 30th for the Humane Society.  I used it to promote the event at the Resale Store.  Each quarter I do a live “Find the DIY in you” video event to share ideas to turn thrift store finds into total treasures. You can read about the chalkboard lettering event here.

We had a blast!

The crib springs


Now for today’s Baby Crib Endeavor.  The baby crib springs!  I wanted to wrap the frame with twine and hang on our front porch. I’m working on a rustic farmhouse porch.

My thought was it would be easier to wrap with the springs removed.  It was easy to remove the springs using a clamp to squash the wire to the frame and unhook the springs.


Then I started wrapping.  Putting the twine in a sandwich bag keeps the roll together while I wrapped.  The wrapping was going fine and I kept it tight and neat…

Then I not sure if I was bored or if I simply decided I liked the wrapping messy.

What would you do with baby crib springs? I wrapping the metal frame with twine then hung fun junky stuff. Including old cow tags. Country Design Style

Whatever it was, messy won.  I used the clamp technique to rehook the springs back.

Whew!  That could have been a hard task!

I hung the baby crib springs using a couple of screws on top and a couple through the spring area.


since my last three trips to the hardware, I forgot “S” hooks…

I used pieces of twine to hang a couple of wire baskets.  Then filled them with junk stuff for other projects.  I also added the burlap signs for Homer and Bella, our four-legged family members.  I also have a place to hang my favorite Junk Market find, cow tags.

Turning our front porch to rustic farmhouse style with baby crib springs, rustic crate ottoman and rope chains. Country Design Style

The porch decor

Here’s the corner of the porch dressed in rustic farmhouse style.  Notice the rustic crate ottoman made the porch now.  I still love the rope I weaved through the porch swing chain.


Next I need an idea for those long metal pieces that crib sides slide up and down on.


Got any ideas???  Let me know in comments.

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  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    I would keep using the twine wrapping idea and attach the wrapped long bar to a long fat spindle, for hanging horizontally against the wall on your porch. Then I would find old ladles and plant succulents in them. Hang them along the bar after you find a perfect spot on your porch to display them. Different length ladles would look good and a couple succulents that have hanging branches, like burro’s tail or string of beads would add more interest.
    I like the other ideas too!

    1. Andi, Lol, I need new glasses!!! I read your comment about the “ladles” as “ladies.” That’s a whole other DIY project!!! I am going to use them horizontally for display. Thank you for the great idea and the laugh. ~Jeanette

    1. Pam, thank you for stopping by. I’ll go check out your website too! Fun idea to use a spring! ~Jeanette

  2. I am on the same thought process as Lois. Hang small metal pots with handles on the hook type parts and use for craft supply storage, DIY items such as nails/screws, clothes pins, etc. Or the same idea with small herbs planted in the metal pails with chalk paint on the front for ID of each plant.

    Your ideas so far are great! Good luck on this part!

  3. Hang them horizontally and hang scarves or baskets tied to them with twine or use s-hooks. You could even use them in a workshop and put screwdrivers and files behind them. In fact, maybe I can talk my hubby into letting me use our old crib!! Off I go to the attic!!

    1. Lois, thank you so much for the great idea! I kept picturing them vertical…but horizontally it a fantastic idea!!
      Specially in the workshop. ~Jeanette

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