Rag wreath tutorial, a DIY project from my sister

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Do you wonder if creativity is a family trait? This rag wreath tutorial comes to you tied in knots from my sister.

Rag wreath tutorial

I’m letting Evyone take over the DIY project. She’s the one with sore thumbs today.

Evyone lives in Texas so we texted the instructions and questions and photos back and forth.

Rag wreath tutorial from my sisiter

This is a DIY project perfect to make while binge watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix.


Wire wreath frame
Approximately 6 yards of fabric

To help you learn to make your own rag wreath, we are sharing the tutorial like our texts. Interview style.

These are the questions…

Rag wreath tutorial cutting the fabric

How did you cut the fabric?

I just hand cut them. After I felt comfortable I double it so it was faster.

Rag wreath tutorial fabric

How long and wide are the strips?

I measured out the fabric 1.5”x9″.

Rag wreath tutorial using a wire frame

How big is the wire frame?

The frame I used was a 30″ wire wreath.

Rag Wreath Tutorial wrapping the fabric

How many strips of fabric?

800 strips of material and 800 knots I tied but I love it.

Rage wreath tutorial knots

Are the strips tied even?

I tried to tied them even. At two in the morning I was just happy I finished.

Rag wreath finished and hanging


How long did it take to make?

It took me about 12 hours.

Rag Garland Tutorial Farbric size | Country Design Style | countrydesignstyle.com



Garland I’m putting up on top of my cupboards.

We may need another tutorial from Evyone on her rag garland.  By the way, Evyone is a twin.  Evette is creative too!

Just think, I taught Evyone how to tie her shoes! ;D

Have you or your sister created a rag wreath or garland?

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  1. I just subscribed and I love both of these projects. Sometimes I am guilty of scrolling through a page looking at the pictures to see if I am interested in anything, You had me from the start! I love all the project in this email. Thanks so much for sharing!
    -Lee Ann

    1. Thank you so much, Lee Ann, for your sweet words. I’m so happy to have you as a new follower. I try to give more than expected. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, ideas or need help. I love helping others. Hugs. Jeanette

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