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Would you like to have extra money? What about starting a business in the creative field? Something you can do on your own time. I’ve started a side business as a Designer. Let me tell you more about why I’m taking this journey.

Chalk Couture Designer actually I can

What in the world is Chalk Couture and can I wear it?  As a Chalk Couture designer, I can say it’s awesome “paste” with a cherry on top.  It’s addicting, easy, fast, gorgeous and yes, you can wear it!

Why this is for me

I’m not a “join the band and fall in line” kind of gal.  I tend to do my own thing.  I tend to stretch ideas that pop in my head as far as they can go, and then some.  These characteristics fit perfectly with Chalk Couture.  Here’s why.

  1. It is fun.  Actually, it’s addicting.
  2. I’m creating projects that fit my style.
  3. As an independent designer, I can choose how I sale the products.  Pop up stores, live or online, during local events, or sale items I create using the products.
  4. The ideas to use the products are endless.  My mind is racing with unique ideas.  Things like Chalk Couture on barn wood, or painted furniture.  Mixing colors.  Distressing the transfer.  Creating artwork using the products.  I have a long list of things to create.

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Chalk Couture Designer 1st project

What is Chalk Couture?

The premade “silkscreen” transfers add decorative elements to almost anything.

The transfers are plastic with a sticky backing.  The transfer can be easily cleaned and reused many times.  The area on the transfers where the Chalkology Paste transfers on to your surface is a lighter teal. The dark teal area keeps the paste from transferring on your surface.

The paste that’s like thick paint.  The paste comes in little pots.  It comes in lots of amazing colors and colors can mix together.  You can use the paste on most surfaces except glass, metal, and fabric.  {More on how to transfer on those surfaces below.}  It works on chalkboards, but it also works on furniture, and your thrift store finds!

The Steps

To apply the paste to your transfer, you use a squeegee.  Only a small amount of paste is used to transfer.  Then you cover the transfer using the squeegee, then clean up any extra and return back into the pot.  Then lift the transfer and be amazed.  It’s so easy, fast and the images are so crisp.

You clean the transfer right away with water and wipes.  Then lay on a flat surface to dry sticky side up.  Darker chalks may stain the transfer, but that’s okay.  Reuse the transfer to make more amazing DIY projects.

Wipe the Chalkology Paste off if and create another project, or if you want to keep your creative chalk design, just spray with matte clear spray paint.  This one works fine.   I have used this more expensive one on furniture, just because I had it on hand.

To see just how easy and fun, watch my speedy video. I realized the audio is still in but I don’t think I talked to myself for a whole two minutes!  Incredible!

What about glass, metal, and fabric

There is also ink that works on glass, metal, and fabric.  The ink uses the same transfers as the paste and the steps are the same to apply the design.  When the ink transfers, you use heat to seal the transfer.  If the item is oven save, add it to a cool oven.  Heat to 350 degrees.  When your oven reaches 350 set a timer for 30-minutes.  After 30-minutes turn the oven off and let your creation cool in the oven.

What if it’s not oven safe?

Use a heat gun to set the ink.  More on this coming soon.

So back to wearing the product, how?

The ink works wonderfully on fabric.  The possibilities are endless!  From pillowcases to tea towels to t-shirts to hats.  If you can iron it, you can ink it!  Plus there’s white ink!!  I’ve looked for white ink for my printer for years with any luck.  Now I can transfer white ink.

Chalk Couture Designer projects

For a silly break, here are our puppies talking. 


There are several types of surfaces available.  My favorite is the board & pillar stand.

Chalk Couture Designer board and pillar

Of course, you can use the product on tons of different surfaces like

Three white books with Chalk Couture transfers in ice coffee paste, wrapped with burlap ribbon

old books!

Become a Designer

Chalk Couture designer starter kit

As a Chalk Couture designer, your initial designer kit is $99.00 and it’s filled with $230.00 worth of supplies.  Chalk Couture provides your shop and checkout services for $19.99 a month.  You do not need a separate website.  The commissions are 25% for all sales from your shop. Comment below if you wish to learn more.

More than happy Chalk Couture Designers

Interested in learning more about the products and get in on deals, I started a private Facebook Group for all things & videos Chalk Couture.  Click here to join us.

More than happy Paramount Chalk Couture Designers

Interested in creating your own designer business?  There’s a group for that too.  Chalk Couture Paramount Chalkers with tips and video to grow a successful beautiful business.  Click here and get started.  

old spindle with white flower decorations

This spindle is a unique example of Chalk Couture on old surfaces. The four-foot spindle took under 30-minutes to cover completely. It’s one of my favorite things in our house.

I’m excited about this new adventure and I’m here to help you along the way if you’re interested.  My goal is to create beauty, have fun and earn money.  What are your goals?

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