5 ideas for Country Decor matchups

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Country decor with unique pairings of awesome mix-matched objects. You’ll be walking around the house matching stuff after reading this one.

empty paint can in plantstand with greens for a country look

There’s a movie called, “Head Above Water.” It a cute dark comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Harvey Keitel, and Billy Zane. If wasn’t popular, I’m the only one I know that liked it. In fact, I might be the only one that saw it.

The point of all this is in the movie, Harvey’s character liked to put things in unexpected places. Eggs in a wicker basket and sausages in beer steins. I’ve been known to put paintbrushes in crystal vases, chalk in clay pots, extra coffee filters in an old vintage light fixture.

I have a challenge for you below!

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country decor plate in wooden crate

This little farmhouse country plate hangs out in this crate 90% of the time. Crates and plates go hand and hand and rhyme. The plate can wedge down between the slats of the crate and stays upright and in place.

How adorable is that?

candleholder with round ball of faux greens on top

When pulling winter decor away and pulling out spring, I made a little tree. Simply placing a round cluster of greens on top of a candlestick and I made a tree! A tree with a curvy trunk.

Unique pairing of battery candles and telephone insulators

And next to that curvy trunk is a simple country idea. Place a battery candle inside a vintage telephone insulator.

I made it complicated

One year, I made it complicated. I drilled four holes in a board and painted it. Next, I added little knobs for small feet. Then I grabbed a small string of Christmas lights and gathered the lights into 4 bundles. Then stuffed the bundles thought the holes and placed an insulator over each. Why didn’t I think about battery candles?

paint can and greens with text when the paint can fits in the plant holders

Switch out the planter for a paint can in the plantstand.

A paint can fit perfectly and looks adorable on my repurposed desk used for blogging.

I use Rust-Oleum products often, can you tell?

Decor with eraser and letterboard letters in the word hello

How many times do you think you’ve got a great country decor idea, but it takes months to give it a try? In our hallway, I have this large chalkboard. I walk past it hundreds of times a day. Six months ago, I noticed the eraser was laying on its side. The felt strips of the eraser reminded me of a letterboard. Six months later, I gave it a try!

chalkboard and eraser

It works great and perfect for small notes. I think I’ll be having fun with Mike with this idea. Then, I’ll see how long it takes to noticed little notes in the hallway. 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍 Letterboard style.

Now in our new home, I’m still mixing it up. I placed this thrfit store art in the magazine rack because I didn’t have a flat surface to lay it on. Wow, I liked it! So I skipped the nail and left it.

Now, I want to challenge you to look around your home for country decor you can partner together. Let me know in the comments below to share your awesomeness pairing with others.

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