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Reader Survey Results | Country Design Style |

I’m blown away!

The Reader Survey Results are in and you guys rocked it.

I have to admit I was surprised, not only by the praise, but by the number of responses!

So, I did my math and have the reader survey results.

Reader Survey Results

Here’s how tech savvy I am!!!  To complete the survey you had to click to get the form.  Since then, I’ve figured out how to stick the form right into the post!

I’m learning something new everyday. 😕

Here’s a link to the “Reader Survey, help me so I can help you,” if you missed it.  It’s still available to complete.  In fact, I’m not sure how to stop the survey!! 😕

I can see questionnaires, quizzes and surveys that can help you in developing your style for your home, advancing DIY techniques, and just for plain o’ fun!

Keep an eye open for more in the future.  Is a creative way to make the website interactive for you too.

Reader Survey Results | Country Design Style |
Reader Survey Results | Country Design Style |

The font will be increase and darkened.  I can’t read it well either.  I also don’t know where I find the time to get all this done…I must be taking it from house cleaning time!

I enjoy helping others in the ways I can best give help.  DIY is my passion.  Photography is a skill I’m having a blast developing. Editing and graphic design is fun to learn.  Who knew??  The technical stuff, when it works is a blast…when it doesn’t…well at least it keeps my mind ticking.

Your replies warmed my heart in so many ways.

Thank you again.

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