Farmhouse Styled Display for Metal Flowers

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How many times have you bought something for your home and when you get home you wonder, “What was I thinking?”

It’s not your style or color and just a bit old fashion…

okay, totally old fashion!

I do it too!  However, I try not to fill up the trash bin with my bad purchases.  I rework them into my vintage, rustic farmhouse style.


This is what I came home with…brightly colored metal flowers.  They even have diamonds!!!

At least it was on sale!

So, I bought an extra large sunflower too! :/

Farmhouse styled display for metal flowers. Inexpensive metal flowers in a bold style get a vintage twist to display in our yard. Country Design Style

So, now let’s rework my half price diamond flowers into farmhouse metal flowers.

I grabbed spindles!

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My Dremel tool with a cut-off bit.  A handy tool to have in the toolbox.  You never know when you need to “weed whack” flowers! 😀

Working with metal is…unique.  Just when you think you’ll never cut through it breaks away.  Here’re a couple of tips when working with metal.

1.  It gets HOT when cutting.  Use gloves.

2. It can be sharp.  Use gloves.

3. Small pieces can fly off.  Use gloves and eye protection.

4. Sparks do fly.  Use gloves and eye protection

5. Usually, you do not have to cut all the way through the metal.  I cut for a while, then bend the metal to break.

6. It smells.  Use clothespins on your nose!!  Not really, but yuck.

I cut the flowers off the lovely scrolly stuff.  Notice the picture above is the back side…I like the back side so much more than the front! :/

Next, I paint the flowers using chalk type paint.  I painted over the diamonds too!  Then added wax to hold up in weather.


I went back to the scrolls and cut five 6 to 8-inch pieces.  I drilled holes in each spindle bottom to fit the wire.


The large sunflower was only painted along the petals to cover up the yellow.  I’m not a fan of yellow anymore.  Our cabin was painted yellow in every room, every ceiling, every closet plus the floor of the garage.  I’m done with yellow.

I nailed each flower to the top of a spindle….


then stuck them in the ground.

Farmhouse styled display for metal flowers. Metal flower in a bold style get a vintage twist for our garden. Country Design Style

We live in the mountains along with several herds of elk so flowers can be a challenge to keep around.


Let’s see if they’ll eat these!  I like our farmhouse metal flowers!

I’m sure others would buy rustic wood flowers and repaint them in bright pops of color to fit their style.  That’s what make the world interesting!


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Have you rework home decor items to fit your style?

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    wow you painted over diamonds lol, this is such a cute idea, may have to do something like this not too much gardening in my near future but feeling human again lol xx

    1. Chris, I so happy you’re feeling better!!!!! I know what you mean by the yucky feeling of medicine! Hugs. Jeanette

    1. Pam, thank you for visiting! I popped over to check out your fun wildflower. Fantastic job!!!! Jeanette

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