5 Inspiring Farmhouse Style Kitchens – Guest Post


Today I’m turning over the keyboard to Jane who is sharing 5 Inspiring Farmhouse Style Kitchens.


5 Inspiring Farmhouse Style Kitchens
By Jane Blanchard

The smell of Grandma’s chicken noodle soup or Mom’s apple pie will feel right at home in a super cozy farmhouse style kitchen. Whether you’re designing your first kitchen or remodeling a beloved house, bring it close to your heart with some fun farmhouse comforts. Here are 5 inspiring farmhouse kitchens to fill you up on ideas to incorporate in your next remodel.

1. Pastel love

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A pretty pastel such as mint green is fresh and springy, giving a room a calming and clean feeling. With the matchy-matchy look, everything is organized and uniform, but the choice of a typical “farmhouse color” makes it a sweet place to bake those sweet potato cupcakes. The bright and sunny windows combined with the exposed wood beams make this kitchen a welcoming place for the family to get together.


2. Rustic fireplace

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Nothing says warm and comfy quite like a fireplace. This one is awe-inspiring with its natural stone look and high mantelpiece. Put accents to really reflect yourself on top of that mantle whether they are family photos or heirlooms passed down through the years. The natural wood dining set gives the room a beautiful homey and lived in feel.

3. Mix in a little modern

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The highlight of this kitchen is the wood panel ceiling which has a wonderful cozy log cabin feel. It takes the classic farmhouse kitchen look but updates it to show it’s modern day functionality with it’s polished and shiny appliances and sleek black floor. The beautiful print rugs on the floor tie together more of the traditional country kitchen look. It’s the perfect look for updating the family homestead while preserving the pieces that hold dear memories from growing up.

4. For the smaller space

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Not everyone has the luxury of being able to fit a large kitchen into their floor plan. This farmhouse kitchen utilizes the space for a cozy fit with room to breathe. The hanging rack for pots and pans combines decor and functionality. Between the cast iron and the carved table legs of the island, this shabby chic kitchen is absolutely adorable. Another piece of note is the cute ruffled curtain below the sink, pick out a great print for your color scheme.

5. All in the accents

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What makes a farmhouse kitchen a place filled with love and family memories are the accents. Think about your favorite flowers and put them on the table. Maybe pick out a couple of drawings that the kids feel really proud of and have them framed in distressed wood. Find a great place to display the vintage pyrex that you either got from Grandma or picked up while thrifting with your best friend. The perfect farmhouse kitchen isn’t just a room in a house, it’s a home.

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  1. Love farmhouse style – and I love that dog in the last photo! He looks like he just finished renovating that kitchen and he’s exhausted!

    Happy Friday!

    1. Yep, Anne. It’s was his job to scuff and scratch up the wood floors just to perfection! At least that’s what our dog’s job is! Jeanette 🙂

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