Dream Decorating Quiz


Take the dream decorating quiz to find out your dream home style.  Is your home decorated in your dream style?  If you wrote a love story about your home how would it end…

Find your home style

or start?

Would it be a huge life long romance or a how did I get here mystery?

Do you need to break up with your home?  Write it out of the story and add a new romance.

Maybe it’s close to perfect and just needs a few updates and new chapters.  Take this quick quiz and find your dream decorating style.  

I know my style changed over the years.

Dream Decorating Quiz

I don’t know about you, but I love taking quick quizzes.  I learn a bit more about life, loves and happiness.

Several years ago I designed this dream decorating quiz.  Actually, so long ago I wrote in a spiral notebook.  I haven’t used a spiral notebook in years.

The quiz needed updating to add my dream decorating style, plus a few other tweaks!  It’s a fun quiz and you might be surprised.

Find your dream home style



If you like this quiz and wish to create one yourself, click here to make one.  You can also use quiz templates if making one is overwhelming. 

If quizzes and playing unique games are your thing, check out this hidden in plain sight idea.

Dream decorating quiz

After you get your results pop back over and let me know your results.  Will you be redecorating?  Here are interior decorating ideas for the way you live. 


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  1. So glad to meet you ! I I’ve to DIY. I haven’t in a good while due to becoming disabled. I have been taking care of my son for 23 years. He had a accident that caused him to become paralyzed from mid chest down. He also has a brain injury that has taken its toll on new learned memory. He remembers his past and with a lot of repetition he can remember things such as art class on Tuesday but couldn’t tell you what he done there and forgets he went anywhere after we return. I’m not able to get him there anymore so looking forward to doing things at home to keep us busy . We have moved into a really old house that needs a lot of TLC.. looking forward to joining you and others . I hardly get out of the house anymore but when I do I love to go junkin, My other 2 sons consider me a hoarder and that is not true. I see that everything has a purpose in creating ….. still mad at all the stuff my one son took to the dump … would give you a list but you would be as sick as me . So much for yesterday and I will look at this as a new beginning . Thankyou and looking so forward to all the tips !

    1. Hi, Ruth, I’m glad you joined us too! Hope I give you great ideas to create with your son. Hugs to you and all your creativity. ~Jeanette

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