Fancy Battery Candles

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Next time you’re in your local dollar store grab a battery candle and one regular candle.  We’ll turn the battery candle into a fancy battery candle.

fancy battery candles 2

I don’t do fancy.  Well, just in small doses.

This dose is perfect.

I’m sharing a video on making these fancy battery candles on this post too.

Ready, set action!

I’m really enjoying doing these brief videos and that surprises me.  I’m shy, usually quiet {but don’t ask Mike if I’m quiet} plus an old lady with braces!  What am I doing making videos??

Something comes over me and I turn into…

a strange lady covering candles with candles!

Now for the fancy battery candles for my sconce, I added to our powder room.

How to make inexpensive battery candles "fancy!" I add melted wax to battery candles for an elegant look. Great DIY decor for farmhouse, cottage or cabin style. Fun for parties, events, and celebrations Country Design Style

Here’s my fancy battery candle covered with wax that was melted and dripped down the sides.

Here are other battery candles I’ve done in various sizes.

Chunky battery candles

Votive battery candles

Let me know if you try this.  Remember to take pictures too.  If you send them to me I’d be happy to share with others. 🙂

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    1. Hi, Pauline, The battery compartment is at the bottom of the candle. I didn’t add wax to the cover of the compartment. Thank you for asking. I need to make that clear in the post!

    1. Thank you Marie! Periscope is so easy and quick. I love it. I’ll follow you if you start scoping!!!

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