Dining room tour 2022, a glamorous and sensual peek at our new design


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For the first time in my life, I have a dining room. One that’s not part of the living room. Today, I’m sharing our dining room tour 2022 with you.

Dark wood table with side chairs

Dining room heartbreak

We waited for six months and still didn’t have a complete dining room. I ordered what I thought was the dining set of my dreams. Be aware dreams can turn into nightmares in a hurry.

After four months, the set arrived. The only problem is the table didn’t have a top. The company informed us two months later that the top was damaged. A replacement would take six more months.

Items waiting for the truck after sitting in our dining room for six months.

We had them pick up everything and issue a refund. The refund arrived, and we headed for a local store—a store with inventory.

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Moving forward with new dining room plans

This involved a fun trip to Stillwater and lunch and Eskamo Joe’s Mexican! Yum! Plus, and fun funky furniture store called, Furniture Showcase. It’s in an old theatre.

We found almost the same table, with a top! Instead of white, it had darker wood. I liked it. After looking at a collection of white chairs in the corner of our dining room for months, the dark wood appealed to me.

But I didn’t care for the chairs. “No problem,” the saleswoman said, “let’s find some you might like better.” Don’t you love a non-pushy salesperson?

I found two caption chairs with black and white houndstooth fabric and loved them! Perfect!

But, no side chair rang my bell.

Then I remembered some chairs on Amazon that I adored. So before I left the store, I ordered the six side chairs.

Side chair with oval back and wood trim

The side chairs arrived two days later. I had them together within two hours. Check the chairs out on Amazon.

Dark wood table with chairs

Think I was a bit excited?!?!

Three days later, the table and caption chairs arrived. And, they assembled the table!

Now, six months later, we dine!

long wood table

Our collected or curated dining room tour

close up of wood table and houndstooth caption chair

My dining room tour 2022 tips

A collected look is much more interesting than a dining set.

This table can seat 10. I decided only to have six side chairs to give space in the room. If more is needed, we have several around the house to pick and add more guests.

wood table, chairs and white hutch

Remember to check the depth of the table. This table is 48 inches wide. We can, if needed, seat two at each end! Hey, that’s Emily photo bombing!

Don’t be afraid to shop Amazon while in the store and not able to find what you want.

Ideas to make your dining room tour tell a story

close up of dining chair and hutch with family objects

If you have a buffet or hutch, add interesting items that tell a story.

  • Items from your travels
  • Family treasures
  • Photo gallery highlighting a special event
  • Curated art

Add a story to your dining room walls. They help get conversations started and keep them going! Guests always ask about these plaques. See how I make art blocks here.

The blocks above were made in 1998 way before blogging.

dining room tour

I have another story piece coming to the other wall soon. So stay tuned and follow along.

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