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Have you seen the cool book page art on Pinterest? It’s amazing what people can do with a piece of paper. If you can’t decorate a whole wall with books, I found a solution. And it’s fast to make.

book page art2

There’s something weird about every home. Our home has small walls. Never noticed until I looked for a place to add a large wall art project.

To see some of the book page art I’ve pinned for inspiration, click here. 

Plus, I’m not sure about hanging books on the wall. This idea popped into my head. And I can move it from room to room.

Shop for supplies

Frame for book page art

This large 20 x 24 frame came from our thrift store. I paid $10. Plus I grabbed two books. One book would do, but I liked the idea of slightly different amounts of yellowing on the pages. The books were 50 cents each.

Basic Instructions

Strip the frame by removing the mounting back, art, and glass.  Do watch for the staples, glazier points, or small nails that hold the pieces in the frame.  I like to remove them all for my projects.  Then, use this push tool and glazier points when adding the art, glass, and mounting board back.  

Note:  the mounting board is the back cardboard.  

Wax for book page art

Next, clean the frame with a damp rag.  You can sand the frame if your frame has nicks and scratches.  I like this frame as it is.  Can you believe I didn’t paint it???

Now apply wax to refurbish the wood.  Apply a light coat of clear wax.  I used my homemade wax.  This was I created with beeswax and is the one I grab to use on wood or chalk-based paints. 

base for book page art

The mounting board

If your mounting board is clean and doesn’t have discolorations, use it for the base of the art piece.  Otherwise, cover it with a piece of craft paper.  Hold it in place with white craft glue.

Tip:  use a small amount of glue.  The paper is lightweight and if you use too much it may show through.  

close up of page heart

Create the first layer of book pages

Tear out pages of different discolorations to make a base.  Arrange to your liking and glue in place.  You can use double-stick tape too. 

Create a saying

Pick a favorite saying or make up your own.  My saying is, “For the love of books.  Even the one beyond reading.”  or “4 the heart of books.  Even the 1 beyond reading.”

Paint, writing or transfer your lettering to book pages.  I used my favorite image transfer method to make the lettering. 

Glue the lettering in place.  You can glue in straight lines or arrange at random. 

book page art 1 Feature Photo

Glue paper folding and cutting elements

Create paper folding elements to add around the book page art.  I made fan circles by making two fans and gluing into a circle.  Then made a heart using strips of pages and a stapler. 

pin for book page art2

I hung the book page art over our scrap wood mantel for now.  It’s small enough to move around to other small walls!

What type of paper crafts have you created?  Let me know in comments below or tag me @countrydesignstyle on Instagram. 

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  1. Lois Stimax says:

    I glued bird pics from a 50’s encyclopedia to the outside of a suitcase. It’s so cool!! I love it.

    1. Lois, Great idea! I would love to see pictures. Mike and I have been talking about old encyclopedias lately. I love old encyclopedias and suitcases…and birds for that matter.

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