12 Crafts for Toddlers in Diapers

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Creativity starts and possibly ends while wearing diapers.  I’m not in diapers yet, but if I end up that way…pass me a puzzle.  These 12 crafts for toddlers in diapers are for the little ones.

Discover crafts for toddlers

This collection of crafts are things I did with my son and crafts I remember doing from diapers until…well…


If you’re at a loss for ideas to keep a toddler busy and start them on a creative journey, read on.

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Pudding Fingerpaint

It’s time to play with your food.  Mix up a batch of pudding and hand your toddler a sheet of freezer paper.  A swirl on the paper then a lick between the fingers.  A plop on the paper, a plop on the nose.

Water Paint

Water paint crafts for toddlers

Be aware, my son still gives me grief over this one, but he enjoyed it at the time.  Grab paintbrush or two and a cup of water.  Head outside and let them “paint” the sidewalk with water.  My son became fascinated by watching his artwork disappear.


Give them their own scrapbook to glue or tape their artwork.  I still have a scrapbook from my youth.  It’s filled with school papers too.  Apparently, I was NEVER good at math.

Their own Photobook

Printed photos are rare around our house now.  But it’s so easy to send photos online to print and have them delivered.  Add those photos you take while crafting in diapers!  😀

Sew Paper

Sewing, a craft for toddlers


24 inches of yarn
White craft glue
Hole punch
Construction paper or scrapbook paper

Cut one end of the yarn at an angle.  Dip in glue and smooth to a point.  Let dry.  Then punch holes around the paper about 1 inch apart.  Teach them to hand sew around the paper.  Then teach them to sew two pieces of paper together.

Stuffed Pillow

Does your toddler have several small stuffed animals?  Get a zippered pillow cover and have them stuff the pillow with the smaller stuffed animals.  It’s comforting for your toddler to snuggle with a pillow and have all their little animals too.  I got the idea from my aunt’s pj’s dog.  It was a stuffed dog with a zipper with room to stuff pj’s inside.

Bread Dough

This may not be good for your toddler, but it didn’t hurt me.  My grandma made bread several times a week.  She’d pinched off a piece for me to eat raw.  Of course, I had to create something with the dough first.  A long worm that could form into a letter.  I remember the time my cousin and I took our dough to the window.  Then decided the screen could make a beautiful pattern in the dough.  We didn’t understand how hard to press.

Anywho…on to flowers for grandma! :/

Make a Placemat

Crafts for toddlers placemats

Get a light color cloth placemat or cut a placemat from a piece of drop cloth.  Don’t worry about the edges.  Let it fray.  Hand them a few crayons to design their own placemat.

Flower Gathering and Pressing

purple tulips

Help your toddler gather flowers or branches to arrange in a vase.  Weeds are always welcome too.

Have you opened an old book and forgotten pressed flowers tumbled to the floor?  Pressing flowers to make artwork is amusing for toddlers and for us at any age.

Glue stuff on Paper

Wonder who first glue macaroni on a piece of paper?  It’s fun, but here are a few more things to glue on paper.

  • Those pressed flowers
  • Natural elements, like small sticks, pebbles, sand, and leaves
  • Torn pieces of paper
  • Small household items like cotton balls, straws, paper clips
  • Small pieces of broken toys
  • Glue all by itself.  Help them write their name or ABC’s using glue.
  • Or stay with the expected and glue macaroni.  There are amazing shapes!

Tape Art

Don’t you wish we had all the different types of tape on the market when we were young?  Grab extra rolls of scrapbook tape and let your toddler create art on paper with tape.  I’d like to try that now.   And I’m not even wearing a diaper!



chalkboard crafts for toddlers

There was nothing better than my mom’s old chalkboard.  It was made for mom when she was 9 years old.  The chalkboard is 71 years old!  Wow.  It now hangs in my pantry.  My cousins and I spend hours playing tic tac toe, school, or office.

Let’s not forget sidewalk chalk

Here’s a couple of games to play with your toddler using outdoor chalk.

  • Draw basic shapes around the porch, steps, and other things outside.  Have your youngster find each one.
  • Draw circles steps apart and have them step on each one.
  • Dead body outlines.  Have them lay down and draw around them.
  • And of course, hopscotch!

Ideas for your creative time together

  • Have a child’s apron that’s just for your toddler.  A little hook to hang
  • Have snacks they can help make during creative breaks.   These cookies my dad made are perfect to make with kids.
  • Put on music and turn off or down your phone.
  • Remember the photos of your toddler creating for them to add in the photobook.


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