Unique Bucket List Ideas


We all want to help others. We all love bucket lists. How about combining the two? Here are unique bucket list ideas that help others.

Happiness Bucket List 2019 printable

I’m on a happiness kick. Happiness always comes easy for me. So easy, I have trouble understanding others unhappiness. My wish would be for the whole world to be a happy place. We would accomplish so much more.

At times we have incidences that cause pain, worry, and distress. Those challenges are easy to work through with a cushion of happiness.

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For several years I’ve been following Grethen Rubin. Happiness fascinates me. I’m interested in those not happy and why and those that are happy and why. Happy seems simple to me.  Click to grab Grethen’s wonderful Happiness Project book.  <<Amazon link>>

I’ve had life challenges. I’ve been divorced. Lost my grandpa and for a time thought the world would stop. I lost my daddy. My son lives in another state and I miss him. My mom is starting to have Alzheimer’s. There’s still happiness in my heart.

And I’m not sure why or how, but it’s there.

I started a Pinterest board called Happiness. Then started looking for quality pins on happiness. I’m having trouble finding them. Then I thought bucket lists should contain happiness ideas.

But most bucket list ideas miss the boat on happiness.

Things like…

Read an inspiring book.
Relax with a cup of tea.
Watch a movie.
Take yourself out to dinner.

Okay ideas, but what about

Read an inspiring book with a friend or book club.
Take a lonely neighbor out for coffee or tea.
Share a fun movie with a group.
Take yourself out to dinner and secretly pay for someone’s dinner.

Unique bucket list ideas to spread happiness 

So I put together a unique bucket list ideas to help others. Ideas that help you find happiness.

Then I took it a bit farther and made it a year-long happiness bucket list. Each month is themed for ideas to help others and spread happiness.

Happiness pin

You can download MY bucket list here. You can download a blank bucket list to complete for your happiness.

Happiness isn’t the same for everyone.

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  1. Oh my goodness you are so fun and inspired! This is exactly what I needed. You are absolutely right we need to take our bucket lists one step further. The true, real way to happiness is not thinking of ourself but how to love others! By the way love love love your cute picture

    1. Hi Andria! Thanks for stopping by the website! I find it hard to be down in the dumps when making someone else’s day in a small way. The older I get the most paint I add to my pictures! Lol! Hope you stop by again soon. Hugs, Jeanette

  2. Denise SaintPeters says:

    I love it, I already do some of the bucket list every month.

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