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sliding-business-card-holder-country-design-style-fpThis past weekend was my DIY event at the Humane Society’s Resale Store.

I needed business cards that match the website updates I did earlier in the year.

Do you ever get in an idea in your head and you just have to try it?

Figure it out.

Work through all the details.

It happened to me on the design of the cards.  I wanted creative and interactive.   After little sleep…I did it.

Last month Mike and I took a road trip.  Our road trips involve diners!  We use the excuse of a mini-vacation to enjoy down-home cooking.  As we waddle back home our saying becomes, “too many biscuits!”  Anyway, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel.  On the table was the peg game, which I’m lousy, and a storyboard.  The storyboard was three layers.  Story on one side, the dessert listing on the back side…yum…and words strategically place on the middle sliding board.  You would read the story and certain words would be read through a cutout.  The story changed if you moved the middle board up to reveal a different word.

Whew!  Got it??

Well, the idea for my new business card started forming.  A sliding business card holder!

The front


The front of my card looks like this.  Basic and has the info needed.

The back


This is the set up for the back of the card.  That funny square is called a qr code.  If you have a scanner on a smart phone, you can scan over the square and it will load Country Design Style’s website.  Cool!

Now I needed to make a business card holder.


On the right is card stock printed with another QR code, my logo, and an arrow.  A silhouette is a cutting machine that works just like a printer except is cuts instead of prints.  I drew a rectangle, added tabs and a small rectangle cutout.  Then cut them out.  Fold in half, added permanent glue strip to the tabs and made a cardholder.

50 card holders!

Peek-a-boo-sliding-business-cards. Needed something creative for an event. These worked perfect. Country Design Style

Here you can see the card with “Find the DIY in You!  through the opening.  Notice if you put the card in backward you get frightening old eyes looking at you!  Eek!

I made a little video to show the card in action.


Above are folded pocket favors I designed and printed to hold giveaway stuff for the event.


Here the pockets are full!  Everyone received a chalkboard tag, candy, save the date for the next DIY event, three different tips sheets.  For painting furniture, chalkboard tips and lettering tricks, plus ideas for common thrift store finds.  Oh, and the sliding business card holder!


Next, I’ll post about the event.  It was a blast and fun to work and create with new friends.

I would like to get these professionally printed…but the cost…hum.

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    1. Lol! No gall bladder is going to keep me down. Actually I’m watching every little bite until that thing gets removed. Lost 7 lbs since May 22 too! Wahoo! My understanding is the surgery is not too bad. How are you doing since your recent surgery?

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