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4 DIY Faux Trees You Can Make This Weekend

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A DIY faux tree can become the perfect solution when you need to fill a space.

DIY faux trees in pot

That is until you look at the price!

And in my opinion, those pricey trees look fake.

So I decided to spend quite a bit less and did this instead.

4 inexpensive DIY faux trees you can make this weekend.

I’m so happy with the results. Yes, I did make several. Plus, I did tips on making your faux tree look natural on a live video.

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Supplies I use to make faux trees

Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wire cutters
Garden clippers

Floral wire
Floral tape (This stuff is awesome! It sticks to it’s self and nothing else)
Floral foam
Faux green plants (Most came from Hobby Lobby)
Mosses (I like to use different colors and textures)
Branches from outside

Faux trees with real wood trunks

This guy was my first tree. Well, my first in several years. I’ve made a couple of trees way before I started blogging.

tall wood branch tree in white pot

This tree started with a branch that fell from a tree outside.
First, I filled the pot with green foam. I filled it until the pieces fit together tight and below the pot’s rim.

The natural branch was the perfect height but slightly on the skinny side. So I added another branch along with the first “trunk.”

I tend to add the “trunks” off-center in my pots. I think the trees off-center add to the natural look.

Then I proceeded to add the pieces of a faux green plant to the top. I used hot glue and clustered them, letting some branch upwards, and some hang down.

When I ran out of green plant pieces, I stopped! Finished one tree!

Super easy trees

The following two trees are super-duper easy! I didn’t use a tree branch; instead, I used the center of the greens as a trunk.

faux tree in tall jug

The trick is to form the clusters of leaves like the branches of a tree.

From the center, pull a branch out away from the center. Next, shape the branch about 3 inches from the center to “grow” straight up.

Continue around the greens to make a tree shape instead of the cluster.

fake tree in black vase

Then I plopped the tree shape into a container.

For this one, I added natural tree branches around the tree-shaped leaves.

Tips to make faux trees

The final tree is the one I gave tips for on the live video. It was the most complicated to create, but it’s my favorite.

branchy fake tree

I adore the way it sits in the area. The tree seems to grow with a mind of its own.

garden hallway area

Check out the video here. Would you believe I didn’t even use floral foam to hold it upright? Check out what I did instead.

Are faux trees in style?

close up of fake tree

They are in style in my book. Wouldn’t you like a beautiful faux tree more than a dead plant? Plus, I got tired of stained carpet and wood floors from overwatering. Go for it if you can grow a live plant without the mess. But, if you’re like me, let’s create a DIY faux tree.

In the live video I talked about distant family who made commercial silk trees. I asked around and it seems they either sold or closed their business. Of course, this was almost 40 years ago. Time goes by so fast. But I found this Silk Expressions Studio website to help inspire you on your DIY faux tree adventures.

If buying your faux plants sounds more appealing, shop farmhouse faux plants to see what appeals to you.

If succulents are your thing, try these 5 dollar store succulents ideas.

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