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When you have an awe-inspiring time it’s just as exciting to share the stories.

This past weekend was my now quarterly thrift shop event.  The events are to promote the Humane Society’s Resale Store plus raise a little money with a raffle.

For me, I love the creative conversations and the chance to meet and share with others interested in DIY.

The flyer

My local DIY event where we learned tips and trick for chalkboard lettering and ideas for thrift decorating and finds. Country Design Style

This is the flyer for the event.  You can read more here.  The basic idea was for a chalkboard lettering event.  Ideas for the raffle and points of discussion grew from there.

Saturday, event day…it was raining.  It had been raining for two days.  This is in Arizona.  We don’t get rain in June.  The rain just might have been a blessing.  We need the rain.  The trees need rain.  The event has always been an outdoor event under my canopy.

The display inside


Since the rain wasn’t stopping that morning, we moved it inside the Resale Store.

This turned out perfect!

Very cozy and intimate.  Plus shoppers who didn’t see the flyer or know about the event would peek around the shelves to check out what was happening.  They pulled up a chair and participated.  More stopped inside than the events held outside.

Maybe it was because I had them trapped in the media area! 🙂

We discussed tips and trick to chalkboard paint, lettering, and chalkboard care.  You can see all the posts on chalkboards here.

PLUS what to do when your chalkboard has a finish with will not transfer chalk dust to the surface.  Try this technique.

A unique thrift store item turned into a vase. Guess what it is?? Country Design Style

The wire thingy

As we were loading our goodies into the Resale Store, I spotted with my little eye, this wire thingy setting on a shelf.  I checked it out each time I walked by to grab another load.  Not sure what it was…but I had to have it.

I just happened to grab grocery store flowers while grabbing cookies for the event that morning.  No, I didn’t bake cookies.

The wire thingy would be perfect as a vase to hold the flowers.  I spotted a glass vase, placed it inside the wire, added water and the flowers.  The wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon.  Love it.  As I’m writing this the wire vase is sitting next to me and making the room smell heavenly. 🙂

The Raffle prize

Raffle Prize for the Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals at our Humane Society's Resale Store. Chalkboard DIY Kit. Country Design Style

This is the raffle prize…and how cute is that little dog chalkboard!

The raffle prizes sign for your DIY event. A chalkboard DIY Kit. How cool is that?? Country Design Style

I filled up a wooden crate to overfilling with anything chalk.

You can see the interactive cards I print up for the event and handouts here.


Thank you...

  • My dear friend, Donna and fellow DIYer who helped with setting up and take down…and everything in between!
  • The volunteers of the Humane Society’s Resale Store.  Thank you for all you do each and every day!
  • The staff of the Humane Society’s Resale Store for letting invade the store and move things around.
  • KRIM for stopping by even though you guys are in the process of moving!
  • Cathy who helps promote the event so I’m not talking to myself!
  • Mike and the puppies for putting up with piles of stuff for the event.
  • All the inspiring ladies who attended.  

Next time I hope to see you at our event!  The next event will be October 10 and includes an online link party.  I started doing the events to bring awareness to the thrift shops that benefit animal rescues.  Most rescues have a thrift shop to help offset the costs.  Many people don’t realize all the causes thrift shops help.

Now….did you figure out what the wire thingy is??

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  1. That looks like the type of event I’d love to attend! I wish they would hold something like that in my area but maybe I’ll just have to make a trip to Arizona in October. jonni

    1. Jonni, I would love for you to attend!!! The event in October is going to be the largest of the year…I hope. October is the time a group of DIY bloggers join too. We all shop our local thrift shops that benefit animals rescues for DIY projects. Then share our projects on our blogs, linking together all on one day. We also highlight the great shops and volunteers that work so hard to help the animals. We have a great community of volunteers! Jeanette

  2. chris aka monkey says:

    looks like you had a blast as you always do at this event and i think it is a cage of some kind so tell me tell me lol and because my memory is as short as my old boyfriends hooha i can’t remember when your surgery is but hope all is well, my surgery went ok but man is recouping was painful i had big time drugs and took them lol but after a week i didn’t need them anymore and got better a little each day unfortunately the surgery didn’t work and my foot is still numb and i still have leg pain surgeon is talking bigger surgery but i don’t think so xx

    1. Chris, it’s a cage to live trap small animals to relocate. We really should using it to relocate a family of ground squirrels living under our driveway. They are making tunnels again! We had to have the stones in the driveway redone once. I’m expecting to drive out of the garage and fall into a hole soon! But instead I will probably keep using it as a vase! Surgery on the 18th. Then a fast recovery…to make DIY projects to do! 🙂

  3. I bet that was so much fun! I’d love go attend something like that. My handwriting is pretty but my chalkboard skills stink! Kudos to you for doing something that so many people would enjoy. 🙂

    1. Thank you Stacey, If you’re ever in the middle of Arizona stop by. We’re always trying new ideas and we do have the best Thrift store around. Jeanette

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