Easy Breezy Rope Trick


easy breezy rope trick https://countrydesignstyle.com #porchswing I love this idea.  It’s not my idea.

Ballard swingI found this idea in Ballard Design’s catalog.  Then I added an easy breezy rope trick to my porch swing.

Easy Breezy https://countrydesignstyle.com #easyprojectsThis was easy, but it took very second of the 15 minutes to get it done.  And here’s why.

twisty rope https://countrydesignstyle.comThe sisal rope I bought was to thick for my chain.  So instead of returning it and getting a thinner rope…I proceeded to untwist the rope.  Now somewhere in my life I’ve done this before because I knew the rope would have three separate ropes.  What I forgot was the twisty tangled up mess.

It reminded me of the old kitchen phone with the extra long cord to reach the entire house, but would knot and twist up so that you had to hold your head next to the phone.  Every once in awhile I would spend an hour or two and untwist the phone cord only to have it knotted up again by the next day.  I always wondered how many calls got busy signals because someone was trying to untangle the phone cord. 🙂

For anyone under 40 please disregard the paragraph above. 🙂

willy netty rope http;//countrydesignstyle.comI cut the rope long enough to touch the porch go up one chain to the top and down the other reaching the porch floor.  Then I wove the rope in a “willy netty” style.  My nickname is Net!

That looked terrible!

easy breezy rope trick https://countrydesignstyle.com #porchswingSo forget willy netty and weave the rope in and out through each link.

easy breezy rope trick https://countrydesignstyle.com #porchswingMuch better!

Also beware, sisal rope will give you splinters!!! Ouch!


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