Household Tips Series 1

Household tips series 1 is a collection of Facebook posts with helpful hints for around your home.

30 days day 1

I thought I would do something a bit different for the next 6 Fridays.  This stems from something a bit different I did in January.

For 30 days I posted on Facebook only a household tip.

During those 30 days, the only way to see the tip was to go to County Design Style’s Facebook page.

Until now!

For the next 6 Fridays, I will be posting five random tips on the website.

Here’s Household Tips Series 1.

I’m starting with my favorite tip above.  Perfect time since I think Spring is finally here.

30 Days of Household Tips Day 8I’m not as tall as I think I am! 🙁  I use my large tongs for many things around the kitchen.


A cheese box for the fridge.  Much easier than looking all over for the cream cheese.


My janitor tip!  Keep extra bags in the bottom of the trash can.  Note in the kitchen I keep them in the sliding drawer shelf thingy that holds the kitchen trash.


I can grade cheese all over the kitchen and the dogs come running to gather the grated cheese off the floor!  They don’t like this tip!

Thank you for checking out the household tips series 1. 

You can see a peek of other tips here or just wait till next Friday.

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