Michaels Hometalk Pinterest Event Recap

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Michaels RecapWhat do you do when you have the opportunity to build a display in an hour using anything at a favorite craft store, Michaels? Michaels Hometalk Pinterest Event Recap

Cry out…Whoo-ah!

Then grab a cart and get busy because an hour is not very long when you have all the stupendous merchandise at Michaels.  So I made sure my shoes were tied, don’t want to trip, and filled the cart…several times!

DisplayI built a display for the craft items for the crafting event at Michaels on Sunday where I planned to help people craft items for Michaels Pinterest event sponsored by Hometalk.

My heart was still excited at the honor to be asked by Hometalk to host one of the 100 events across the US and Canada.  I had decided to not only do a craft for the event but had a list of techniques and tips to share.  Something that the guests could apply to future projects.

Good idea, right?

FreebiesThen I gathered things to display my freebie giveaways.

Sweating, but thankful my deodorant hasn’t failed…yet!

Project listI even displayed my little cards I made for guest interested in the crafting supplies I used for my projects.

Next I sat in the craft room in the back of Michaels waiting for the crafters to show up by the hundreds…

okay, tens!

okay, I take one crafter!

Deodorant stay with me!

I started walking the aisles talking to customers which was a ton of fun.  It’s amazing what people are looking for when walking through the doors of Michaels.  I was enjoying helping solve their craft problems.  Wonder how that mickey mouse topiary turned out??  Or the pom poms, or the birthday gifts???

Design TimeFinally a lovely lady came in while I was planning a burlap wreath and we designed and gathered the supplies for her special burlap wreath.  What fun running around the store from the wood aisle to frames to scrapbook to floral.

Unfortunately by the time we gathered, designed, planned and played…she didn’t have time to stay and craft.

Bad IdeaAs the afternoon when on I started completing the extra project I had planned to demonstrate…and making mistakes!  Thought it would be cute to paint the white of the mason jar chalkboard blue like the blue jars.

Hummmmm, not liking it!

Time to make a burlap flower and cover it up!

Hey, if crafting was perfect, machines could do it!

Michaels Hometalk Pinterest RecapAbove I basically used the same supplies and made a different burlap board.  The techniques and tips, painting chalkboards, antiquing a chalkboard, stenciling, making burlap flowers, and chalkboard lettering will be on up coming posts to share you.

I would like to thank all the employees of Michaels for their help, enthusiasm and ideas to improve the event next time.

I will be back!

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