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chalkboard-easel-country-design-style-thumb #chalkboardeaselOur local golf club needed a chalkboard easel to place on the driving range to announce upcoming event and tournaments.

So I made them one!

Chalkboard-easel-country-design-style-3It’s pretty basic when you break it down.  Simply make two frames to insert plywood boards that’s painted with chalkboard paint.  Add a couple of hinges on top.  And you have an easel.  You just need basic woodworking skills.  I added a handle on top to make it easier to bring inside…

Okay, really I added it because I though it looked cute!

Chalkboard-easel-country-design-style-2I also added a piece of chain along the bottom with an eye hook and cup hook to hold the legs…

Okay, really I added it because I though it looked cute!

Chalkboard-easel-country-design-style-4Because I knew it would be sitting in wet grass, I dipped each of the legs in plastic dip.  You know the stuff you dip tool handles in??

Okay, really I added it because I though it looked cute!

Chalkboard-easel-country-design-styleThe easel completed.  That’s my little workshop helper on the right!  Bella’s great at using the drill, but lousy at holding the nails!  😀

Chalkboard-easel-country-design-style-at-clubhouseThe chalkboard easel in place at the driving range!

You notice I didn’t give a tutorial or put up pictures.  I will.  But at the time I was making it I really didn’t think I would be doing a post about the project!!!

Goofy, I know.

I have a feeling I’ll be making another one soon.

Did you know Easter will also finally be here soon too?

So a fun group of DIY bloggers are having an Easter Crafts and Decor Showcase this week.  I was lucky enough to be asked to join!  Woot, woot!

Please check the schedule below and get inspired.  Let me know what you make from the showcase.


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