Staycation on our Porches!

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We are fortunate to live where many like to camp and take long weekend vacations.  Every weekend becomes a staycation on our porches.

Staycations are not the honey~do type of vacation where you spend time off ripping up old carpet or building a deck.  Staycations are relaxing time at home or spending leisures activities locally.

Join our staycation and share our tips to add staycation ideas to your home.

During summer weekends our small town doubles in size.  If you’re fortunate to live in a vacation area you quickly learn to have all your needs bought before the weekend starts.  If I forget something we do without until the weekend ends.

We live in a cabin so staycations happen here all the time. Camping type meals, easy clean up, and the comfort of our own beds is the best way to staycation. Country Design Style

Our backyard backs up to a 3 million acre National Forest.  We added an outdoor kitchen on the back porch.  We used a company that has modular cabinets that can be covered in brick, stucco or stone.  It’s incredible to step outside with the smell of the woods and cook breakfast in a kitchen.

At full outdoor kitchen helps with a casual staycation. Country Design Style

My favorite place to cook in spring, summer, and autumn.  Yes, sometimes even in winter.  It does snow in this kitchen.  We didn’t add a top.  So far, I haven’t wanted a top.

The perfect place for staycation breakfast. Country Design Style

Breakfast simply tastes better cooked and eaten outside.

With my cooking, I need all the help I can get!!!


I even manage big country breakfasts outside with ease.  Large trays help move things out and back inside.  Plus things stay a little more organized.  One tray for pancake fixings and one for eggs and bacon and another for drinks.

You can see more before and after pictures here on the back porch.  Including the jacuzzi!


The front porch also has a dining table.  Perfect if it’s raining or snowing.


Of course, summer is amazing on the front porch with the large cover.

rocking chairs #hometour #blogtour #summer

The rocking chairs are ideal for, after dinner drinks, morning coffees or just watching summer storms roll in.


The perfect spot for a staycation nap.


Here’s my collection of staycation tips.

  • Set up a dining table outside.  Even if you move an indoor table to the backyard for long weekend staycation meals.
  • Use trays to gather grilling supplies to the grill, serve drinks, set the table, or haul out games.
  • Plan meals in advance.  Grocery shop before your staycation.  Prepare meals in advance as much as possible.
  • Clean house before your staycation.  During staycation keep messes to a minimum.
  • Plan casual comfortable clothes before staycation.
  • Plan a place for a nap.  Hammock, porch swing, or a blanket in the grass.
  • Plan activities to spend outside throughout the day.  Coffee on the porch, lunch in a backyard, star gazing in the evening.
  • Tour your town.  Visit a local museum, scout out the new antique store, try a new to your restaurant.



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    Thanks for sharing your creations!!

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