Pink Stuff a Family Recipe


pink stuff a family recipe #recipe #summerdessert #strawberriesAt our family gatherings, we bring out pink stuff a family recipe.  We have been making pink stuff for nearly forty years.  Today I’m going to share the recipe with you.  Just don’t let my family know I’m spilling the beans…or pink stuff!

Cubed angel food cake #recipe #summerdessert #strawberriesThis is a perfect summer dessert and it starts with angel food cake, cubed angel food cake!  Ugh! I promise this is the hardest step.

Pink stuff also contains jello, strawberries, pudding and even ice cream.  I have a printable download below.

I’m sure this has a more appropriate name than pink stuff, I just don’t know what it is.  We call it pink stuff. 🙂

The steps to make it

Jello and strawberries

Strawberries swimming in jello #recipe #summerdessert #strawberriesNow it’s time to make the jello.  Use one large box of strawberry jello and dissolve with 1 and ½ cups of boiling water.  Then add strawberries, about 1 pint {I think it’s a pint, the small pack, I’m not a food blogger!} of fresh or about 1 ½ cups of frozen.  When we first started making pink stuff frozen strawberries came in a box.  You would have to peel the box away from the strawberries.

Oh, I like to cut the strawberries up into small chunks.  I don’t like the texture of larger pieces of strawberries in pink stuff that’s leftover.

Now set this bowl aside and grab another bowl.

The pudding and ice cream

milk pouring into pudding #recipe #summerdessert #strawberriesIn this bowl mix a small package of instant vanilla pudding with 1 cup of milk using a whisk just until blended well.

ice cream dumped into pudding #recipe #summerdessert #strawberriesThen add 2 cups of softened vanilla ice cream and whisk until combined.

Three bowls full #recipe #summerdessert #strawberries

Mixing everything together

Now I’ve dirtied three mixing bowls!  So it time mix into one bowl

pink stuff #recipe #summerdessert #strawberries


This is where the pink comes in!  I’m not a food blogger, but I do know red paint and white paint make PINK!

Mom’s original recipe says to mix the jello and strawberry mix into the pudding ice cream mix.  But I’ve found either way works.

Then pour the pink all over the cubed angel food cake and fold in carefully.  Refrigerate overnight.

Be aware, if my brother is around he will sneak some in the middle of the night.  I love my brother! 😀

dish of pink stuff #recipe #summerdessert #strawberriesThe pink stuff is like a strawberry shortcake that you can get all the yummy ingredients in every bite!

close up of pink stuff a family recipe #recipe #summerdessert #strawberries


Mom first got the recipe for pink stuff from one of my cousins.  She had us over for dinner and made it as the dessert.  We all loved it so she gave us the recipe.  Many years later we saw our cousin and told her that the dessert she made was our family favorite.

She didn’t even remember making it.  It was a one-time recipe for her.

pink stuff #recipe #summerdessert #strawberries

You can click on the image above or here to get a printable download copy of Pink Stuff!

I’ve always wanted to try pink stuff with raspberries, blueberries or even blackberries but the family doesn’t want the recipe messed with.  Someday I’ll try it and just not tell them.  Heh, heh!

If you make it with another type of berry let me know!  I promise I won’t tell.


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  1. Your ‘PINK’ stuff sounds amazing! I am definitely PINNING!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your families ‘secret’ recipe! 🙂

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