Cabin Back Porch Before and After


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Here’s our cabin back porch before and after.

Cabin back porch before{Taken looking out the window at the kitchen door}

Sorry for the awful pictures of the before…when we started the project I neglected to take before shots with the good camera. All the before shots I found in the bottom of my shoe box of pictures.

Basically the back porch was a wooden deck with wooden stairs. We had the iron railing installed to match the front porch just after we moved in.

back porch with wood table

{Taken again through the kitchen door straight along the porch}

Wooden deck, wooden table and 3 nephews.

back corner

{Taken from the corner of the deck looking out into the national forest}


This is our lower area after…

{note the bridge…see what was standing on it last night}

cabin back porch after

now with furniture. Note the birdcage chandelier!


This is the back porch right after completion of the jacuzzi and outdoor kitchen.

Back porch with furniture

Here it is today with furniture. We had the cabin re~stained…almost black!!!


The sidewalk along the side of the cabin. We added short wall areas for plants.


The sidewalk with plants and an arbor.


Here’s the sink area. The little door in the middle is a paper towel holder…so great and they stay dry in rain and snow. The three drawers on the right are, from the top, a cutting board, storage, and trash can.

Sink area after

The sink area today.


The cooking area with the refrigerator, grill, cook~top, work area and ice chest. Storage is inside the doors.


The cooking area today with furniture.

Cabin Back Porch After shelf

This shelf used iron brackets from a local antique shop {not old} a board on top that I added an edge with 1×2. Then hung the hooks found at local gift shop.

Cabin Back Porch Before an

And just in case you missed it, on the picture with the fire pit and furniture, just above the fire pit, pecking over the bushes is a stile. All the farmers will know what a stile is. The national forest backs our yard so we have this ugly barbed wire fence running across the back. We installed a stile to make it easier to go over the fence.

So can you smell the bacon?  Come on over for breakfast!

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