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Pinwheel DIY that works | Country Design Style |
It’s summer, it’s hot, and the kiddos are getting bored.

To help you out in the best way I can I’m sharing summer project ideas that are quick, fun, creative and easy enough for youngsters with a little supervision.

Since I’m adoring all the pinwheels on Pinterest I thought this would be a fun project…

only I wanted the pinwheel to work.

Not just look awesome.


How to make a pinwheel that works.  There is a download link at the bottom of this post with instructions and printables for the mattress ticking.

I started by taking pictures of mattress ticking material from my stash.  I uploaded the pictures to my computer and cropped them to a square.

Then I played with the square.  Cutting adding holes of different sizes.  Then trying thumbtacks, nails, and screws on paint sticks, pencils, and a wooden dowel until I got the basic steps…


and how to get a pinwheel that works!


Here’s it is in action!  I used my blow dryer on low for the video.  It works by flinging your arms around too!  But I frightened the pups!  I’m simply too old to run up and down the street with my pinwheel…and…that would frighten the neighbors!


Here are the two things I think help a pinwheel turn.  Adding something between the stick and the pinwheel like a washer.  Plus having holes large enough for the pinwheel to actually turn.

Are you adoring pinwheels? I figured out simple ways to make one that works. A fun and quick DIY project with farmhouse appeal. Country Design Style

I adore this project. 🙂  I have plans for more with different patterns colors and for different holidays.  Let me know your thoughts on this project in comments below.  I love hearing from readers!

Pinwheel DIY that works Pin | Country Design Style |

Click to download with printable mattress ticking and pinwheel instructions.

Click to see the first project for the Summer Project Ideas series.

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  1. chris aka monkey says:

    i wish my grands were a little older to make these right now one would eat it and the other would take it apart…… i would pay good money to see you run up and down the street with a pin wheel lmbo xx

    1. Chris…my neighbors would pay to NOT see me running up and down the street! Have a fun 4th. Jeanette

    1. Actually Carol I’m from Oklahoma. I think the pillow you saw was from another DIY blogger. We love sharing our projects on each others website. I actually grew up in “Osage County” but my family was nothing like the movie. I have spend time in Ohio and LOVED it. Have a wonderful 4th. Jeanette

  2. So cute Jeannette! Going to try to pull this together today for my two nieces that will be here tomorrow for the 4th. And I absolutely LOVE your idea of taking pictures of fabric to create the paper design! Having a “why didn’t I think of that” moment!!

    1. Caroline, it’s really scary when you find yourself taking pictures of wood or scanning it into your computer! Have a great 4th. Jeanette

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