Summer Porch Decor ideas for bare front porch

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Is your porch ready for summer?  As you can tell…ours missed spring!  But I’ve collected some summer porch decor ideas to get ours ready.

Summer porch decor for our porch

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We’ve lived in our home for 13 years.  The longest I’ve ever lived any home.  Our front porch is huge…and mostly bare!  This summer I’m planning to beef up the decor and make it another room.

Maybe even a place to work?!?!?!


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This is a few of the items I plan to add.  Even if your front porch is just a stoop let’s dress up that stoop.

And how adorable is the “Please hide packages from husband” doormat!!!

summer porch ideas

We do have a wood dining table on our front porch.  Plus I’m sharing our front porch from last summer.  I wore out those flip flops! 😀

15 Summer Porch Decor Ideas to inexpensively add to your front porch

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So, peek out at your front porch and let me know in comments below what’s on your porch.

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