DIY Sailboat From Scraps

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DIY Sailboat from scraps Country Design Style

Got scraps?

DIY Sailboat from Scraps 2 Country Design Style

I do!  Scraps of wood.  I piled some up and started building sailboats.

Not the kind you can sail away on.  But sailboats you can make simply and display.

DIY Sailboat from Scraps 3 Country Design Style

This is the second DIY Sailboat from scraps.  I used a piece of 2 by 4 for the boat and a spindle for the mast.  Tip: use small clamps to hold small boards still while drilling a hole for the mast.

DIY Sailboat from Scraps 4 Country Design Style

Another tip:  eyeball the size of bit along the widest edge of the spindle “mast”.  I was more concerned about getting a picture than eyeballing the correct size and my hole was too big.  Had to fill in with sawdust to get the mast to stand straight.  Again another tip!

DIY Sailboat from Scraps 5 Country Design Style

I had a strip of mattress ticking for sails.  Cut from one long corner across to the other corner.

DIY Sailboat from Scraps 6 Country Design Style

On the tops and the outer corners of the sails, I added a small grommet.

DIY Sailboat Ties Country Design Style

Using a bit of string I hoisted the mast, heh, heh!

DIY Sailboat from Scraps 7 Country Design Style

You’ll also notice the spindle was distressed and covered with brown glaze to age it and the 2 by 4 boat got a fresh coat of creamy white paint.

Here you can read and see the DIY Sailboat number 1.

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