Dollar store candle and finding your creative juices

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Even serious crafters find it difficult to get creative juices flowing. Have you stood in the craft aisle holding a dollar store candle and wondering what to create?

dollar store candle updated to farmhouse style

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The ribbon is too wide or too skinny. The candle is too white. Is ribbon creative enough? What about a mason jar? How can I use this awesome bakers twine?

Then you put it all back and walk down to the donut store. Picking out your favorite donut is easy.

Let me help by inspiring you to go for it and try, try again.

Before our RV trip, I wanted simple quick projects to take. I headed for the dollar store.

Standing in the dollar store uninspired

Grabbing a battery candle, I walked the store. Nothing seemed to work, the ribbon was too wide or too skinny. The candle didn’t fit in a mason jar. Baker’s twine made our dollar store but what do I create with it??

Easy update for a dollar store candle | Country Design Style |

Yesterday I spilled out my supplies on the table and started. Wrapping twine around the candle. No, I didn’t like it. I tied a big burlap bow around the candle, that was ugly.

Dollar store candle and burlap ribbon | Country Design Style |

Then I wrapped two layers of burlap around the bottom of the candle.

Dollar store candle and burlap ribbon doubled

Another two layers wrapped around the top of the candle.

Dollar store candle and burlap ribbon masking tape

There was masking tape in my supplies. So I added two strips around the middle.  Next a trim around the top to make the ribbon match the faux of the candle “melt.”

Dollar store candle finished

Then covered the middle with that baker’s twine…

Adding farmhouse stye to a dollar store candle

and we now have a glow in the evening while watching TV.

So how do seasoned crafters get the creative juices flowing?

They don’t give up until they’ve created something they love. <3

If you’re interested in learning how to make candles, below are some kits I’m looking into getting to create my own candles and scents.  In girl scouts, we made beeswax candles.  I think it’s time to try that one again.

What gets your inspiration going?  Let our readers know in comments below.

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