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Looking for a fresh spring decor idea?  One you can update your mismatched eggs.  Then display them in a wilted lettuce bowl!   

I had this idea last fall and time got away from me.  So I tried it now with a bunch of green leaves instead for beautiful orange, yellow and golden brown.  The “wilted lettuce” bowl almost made the trash!

But instead, I put on my determination hat and kept working.

Now I and my updated wood eggs are glad I kept going. 

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Fresh spring “wilted lettuce” bowl

Leaves bowl | mod podge | Fake leaves | spring decor | modern farmhouse | Country Design Style

  1. Remove leaves from stems.  Cut apart any attached leaves and pull off any plastic veining.  
  2. Add a drizzle of Mod Podge over the leaves.  At this point, I felt like I was making a salad and tossing the dressing.  I piled my leaves on a piece of wax paper…then
  3. Place a cereal size bowl on the wax paper and cover with an additional piece of wax paper.   Tuck the wax paper inside the bowl.
  4. Start covering the outside of the wax paper covered bowl with Mod Podge covered leaves.  Start on the bottom of the bowl overlapping the leaves.  Work down the bowl to the top edge overlapping as you go.

Bowl shaped leaves

5. When the bowl is covered with leaves, place another piece of wax paper on top.  Then place a bit larger bowl over everything to hold in place to dry. 

looks like wilted lettuce

When the bowl dried, I removed the wax papers and I looked like wilted lettuce with bits of white glue or worse, dried up ranch dressing!


I headed for the trash can, but the still large pile of fake leaves caught my eye.  What if I hot glue more leaves to the bowl??

Spring decor | wood eggs | Fake leaves | mod podge

It worked!  I added extra leaves to the inside and outside of the bowl using hot glue.  I like this bowl or nest as much as the twine nests!

Fresh wood eggs

Wood eggs | painted eggs | fresh spring decor | farmhouse style | Country Design Style

Over the years, I’ve painted, stained, speckled and monogrammed wood eggs.  While I like them better than the disaster of dyeing eggs naturally, these need an update. 

White eggs and one brown

This year I painted them all white then added a few distressed areas with sandpaper.  All except one.  What movie does this remind you of?

Easter sign | DIY sign | Spring decor | wood eggs

I made a simple DIY Easter sign using my small trim chalkboard and the supplies below.

List of items to make DIY Easter sign

Transfer Hello Spring

Small Squeegee

Chalkology Paste in Couture Teal

I’m glad I didn’t give up on the leaf bowl or the mismatched eggs.  Here’s another simple spring decor for the mantel. 

It’s time for lunch…and I don’t want a salad!

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    1. Hey, Kim, I’m sure you’ll have fun whirling the mod podge over fake leaves! Let me know how yours turn out. I’m filling mine with those foil wrapped chocolate eggs this weekend. 🙂

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