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Home Tour BN Room Tour BathroomsToday on our room tour bathrooms, we’re peeking into the before and afters of total bathroom makeovers.  The pictures below are the after photos of amazing transformations.  Please click on the links or pictures at see the wild, crazy and plain builder befores and the creative steps each took to turn them into the beauties they are today.

Wait for me….I gotta go…ahem!

Okay, let’s tour!

Lettered_Cottage_Half_Bath_Makeover_Bird_Wallpaper_Wedgewood_Gray1You must click over the see the builder style beginnings of this cottage half bathroom at The Lettered Cottage.  What an amazing transformation!  I love that chest!

tiny-bathroom-makeover-after-15The handy work and creativity abound in this tiny bathroom at Addicted 2 Decorating.  I would have never thought about doing the trim like that around the mirror.  I love the crisp cottage feel.

The House of Smiths Bathroom Makeover - thehouseofsmiths.comNow are you ready to peek inside a full sided bathroom?   Check out the inspirations at House of Smiths bathroom.  There’s a hallway with great lighting and gallery wall ideas too!  They used my favorite glass in the cabinet, ribbed glass!

bathroom-blue-and-white_thumbThis blue and white started out with white plastic handles on the cabinet and yellow plaid shower curtain.  Check out what It All Started With Paint did to turn it into this spa like bathroom.  Awwww!

IMG_4101The stunning and lush bathroom done by Lauren Liess for clients solves a problem many builder bathrooms have {ours included} too much mirror!  This will keep me up tonight with all ideas spinning around in my head.  Adore it!

I enjoyed peeking inside the room tour bathrooms and all the before and afters.  I gathered a ton of ideas to try out in our bathrooms.

Did you?

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    1. Stacy, thanks for visiting the bathrooms! I noticed all the bathrooms were blue and white except one. I’m normally not a blue person. But these were my favorites. ~Jeanette

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