Flowers to feathers DIY videos


Seventy percent of my readers learn best by watching instead of reading. Here are this week’s flowers to feathers DIY videos

Not all the videos have flowers or feathers but the theme popup often this week.

flowers and feathers DIY videos

Country Design Style DIY videos

Monday – Friday at 9 am Arizona time I create a DIY project live in 15 – 20 minutes. Click here to follow and get notifications when I go live.

cottage frame

This cottage frame holds a dear photo and is so easy to make. I did give it an update on a video below. Watch how to make a popsicle cottage frame.

macrame feather

I was a bit nervous doing this one live, but things went great. Watch the macrame feather video.

This little tree was made for Christmas years ago, but it’s never see the inside of my Christmas boxes. It’s always sitting somewhere around our home. Watch how easy the tree is to make.

The gather sign was part of a theme this week too. There’s another when you scroll down. Watch the thrift store gather frame here.

drop cloth feathers video

This is my latest obsession. Feathers, not macrame, but drop cloth.

Fabric flowers are easy to create. I think they do need a feather or two, don’t you?

Chalk based videos

Monday – Friday at 8:30 am Arizona time I ALSO create a chalk-based project live in 15 – 20 minutes. Click here to follow and join me.

You are not seeing double videos!

You can tell I made this one and the one above on the same day! Drop cloths make great flowers.

cutting board art

These cutting boards are going to my niece. Shhh! Don’t tell her yet! 😉

video making a sign

This is one of the sweetest and dearest projects. It almost made me cry thinking about my grandma.

Video of making a sign

The other gather sign. Made with easier lettering. 😉

cottage frame updated

I so enjoy it when I’m shocked by a project. This one surprised me!

Whew! I have busy mornings! But what a great way to start the day, creating and crafting with friends. I hope to see you around the craft table too.

If you love printables and the modern farmhouse style, click over and grab your modern farmhouse printable.

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