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Do you remember when dinner time started like this?

Each family member would grab a tray and set it up in their spot in the family room. Then mom would bring in the TV dinners. Dad would pop on the favorite sitcom while everyone peels back the foil.

I can taste those gooey mashed potatoes right now.

Let’s bring back those days in a farmhouse style.

Sofa Tray Tables

Today I’m sharing updated farmhouse style affordable sofa tray tables.

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During the mid 60’s a TV tray was our dining room table.  Everyone had a favorite place to sit.  Mine was cross-legged on one end of the sofa.  I can’t imagine sitting cross-legged now.  :/

Dinner time had Oliver climbing a telephone pole.  Darrin Stevens {both of them} being a victim of a spell.  Kapow flashing on the screen in Gotham City.  Otis stumbling into the jail cell.  And the sound of Archie flushing the toilet.

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Now our TV watching consists of Netflix or Fixer Upper.  We started the series, Lost.  I never want to fly again!

Above are the sofa tray tables we bought on Amazon.  Unfortunately, they are not available on Amazon now, but I found them at Plow & Hearth.  Notice we didn’t do the Affordable sofa tables!!!

Best-Source-for-affordable-sofa-tray-tables-x2 | Country Design Style |

and we bought two!

Looking back, I should have shopped more on Amazon.  But we do enjoy them and the farmhouse style they bring. 🙂

Affordable Sofa Tables


If you’re looking for the old fashion style of TV Tray check out this affordable collection.

TV Tray Tables



Best-Source-for-affordable-sofa-tray-tables-pin | Country Design Style |

You can see they turn into a computer desk too!  Pop over and you might find me blogging from the sofa and eating mashed potatoes.

You can see more of our industrial farmhouse living room here.

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