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Woodworking tip SQWoodworking tip for the little notch in a combination square.

What’s a combination square?

Woodworking tip-2This is a combination square!  I guess it’s called a “combination” square because there’s a combination of things you can do with one.

First off… it’s a square to line up your work and check your angles.

There’s a little level to make sure your now off kilter.

Mark your 45 degree angle.

Measure the depth of something.

It’s a great ruler!

Plus there is a silver thingamabob on the end that you can pull out that’s a scribe point to make a mark in your material.

So, if you don’t have a combination square, maybe you need one! 🙂

Woodworking tip-3Because this is one more woodworking tip I use the combination square for…marking a line down a board.

I have this measurement on my board and I need a straight line from one end to the other.  I could make a mark on both ends and use a ruler but this way is fast and more fun!

Woodworking tip-4Move the combination square to lay flat on the side of the board.  Adjust the ruler to your mark.  Tighten the ruler.  The insert the pencil in the notch and move the square down your board.  Easy peesy!

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I was holding the square, pencil, camera and trying to push the button on the camera at the same time.  I snapped three shots and this was the best one. 🙁

Woodworking tip-5But the line was straight!

A perfectly measured straight line and fast every time.

Woodworking tipSo the next time you need a line down your board turn your ruler the other way!

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