Happy First Anniversary Country Design Style

country-design-style-turns-one-todayHappy first anniversary Country Design Style!

And what do you give a website for it’s first birthday?

BannerWebsite140410 3A new header for the website!

Do you like it?  {Added comment:  Okay, I’m already playing around with the banner!}

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I put up the first post, 15 Shades of White and later in the day, Shaggy Ottoman.

Not sure why I did two posts on the first day??

CDS also got a gift of additional navigation over there on the right side to make exploring Country Design Style easier.

CDSFacebookIn the next present, Country Design Style opened a new banner for Facebook with a new profile picture.

BannerGoogle140409Wrapped up in pretty ribbons was a new Google + banner.

Could you do me a favor and try the navigation and let me know in comments what you think of about moving around the website and if you like the new header designs in comments below.

I’m a bit worried the top is too busy with the 6 category photos and the 6 square photos of recent posts.

Oh, If you wait a few seconds the recent posts slide to reveal 6 more posts, and then again 6 more posts.  Really, check it out.

Happy first anniversary Country Design Style!

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